legal minority

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Jeb Bush, brother of George, employed a method that purged many legal minority voters, and a vast number of over-votes were not allowed, which means a voter both wrote the name of their choice and selected the name on the ballot.
The government interprets the 1923 Lausanne Treaty, which refers broadly and nonspecifically to "non-Muslim minorities," as granting special legal minority status exclusively to three recognized groups: Armenian Orthodox Christians, Jews, and Greek Orthodox Christians.
to use legal minority group identity to mediate their relationship with
today, they are commonly seen as a legal minority in search of civil
denied, the existence of gays as a separate legal minority group both
movement had always accepted that women constituted a legal minority,
and made the self-perception of gays as a legal minority group
analogy every time they wished to speak of gays as a legal minority.
This distinction would be crafted after the highly successful San Francisco model and recognize the Lebanese-American community as a legal minority afforded all the rights and benefits available to other traditional minorities under the City's contracting ordinance," said a Chamber press release issued last Thursday.
Children of the Father King: Youth, Authority, and Legal Minority in Colonial Lima.
Final decisions in which insanity or the legal minority of an offender is recognised should be excluded from recognition.
In the interim, some Palestinians are now seeking to redefine themselves as a legal minority in Lebanon in the hope that this will protect them from further displacement and redefine their place in Lebanese society.