legal minority

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The government interprets the 1923 Lausanne Treaty, which refers broadly and nonspecifically to "non-Muslim minorities," as granting special legal minority status exclusively to three recognized groups: Armenian Orthodox Christians, Jews, and Greek Orthodox Christians.
involvement in organizations supporting diverse communities, such as the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association; National Association for Women Lawyers; DuPont Legal Minority Counsel Network; Thurgood Marshall Summer Law Internship Program.
to use legal minority group identity to mediate their relationship with
today, they are commonly seen as a legal minority in search of civil
denied, the existence of gays as a separate legal minority group both
movement had always accepted that women constituted a legal minority,
and made the self-perception of gays as a legal minority group
analogy every time they wished to speak of gays as a legal minority.
This distinction would be crafted after the highly successful San Francisco model and recognize the Lebanese-American community as a legal minority afforded all the rights and benefits available to other traditional minorities under the City's contracting ordinance," said a Chamber press release issued last Thursday.
Children of the Father King: Youth, Authority, and Legal Minority in Colonial Lima.
In the interim, some Palestinians are now seeking to redefine themselves as a legal minority in Lebanon in the hope that this will protect them from further displacement and redefine their place in Lebanese society.
Warnock is a past Co-Chair of DuPont Legal's Complex Commercial Litigation Practice Group and past Chair of the DuPont Legal Minority Counsel Network.