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Public sector BEML slapped a legal notice on the former army chief on June 1, and demanding an apology for his 'false and motivated' allegations against it on the Tatra truck issue.
Working with two national law firms, our team observed the disparate requirements and processes faced in placing legal notice ads with newspapers of record in each of the 3,300+ counties in the U.
In view of all these facts SBCA has issued a legal notice of Rs 25 million in respect of defamation damages.
It has been stated in the legal notice that Afzal Butt contested the election of PFUJ for 2013-15 as a candidate of President of PFUJ against Rana M Azeem, wherein Rana M Azeem was elected as President.
Dubai - Former Pakistani president and co-chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party Asif Ali Zardari has, through his legal representative, served two legal notices to the writer and publisher of Truth Always Prevails in Dubai and New Delhi under the defamation laws of the UAE and India respectively.
Bhat, in his legal notice, sent to Bhardwaj, has alleged that the latter has committed a mistake.
Earlier, Ishtiaq Advocate, the lawyer of Tahirul Qadri, sent a legal notice to Bilawal Bhutto Zardari demanding him to either tender an apology or pay Rs1 billion for calling Qadri a 'cartoon' in a message on Twitter.
Kejriwal has been given two days to respond to legal notice for civil and criminal defamation, falining which the government will take the next legal step.
According to legal notice served on Zapata, Shah has come to know that Zapata has shifted the book 'For Hire' from AZU press to the website www.
A COUNCIL has been accused of distressing elderly homeowners by sending out legal notices demanding hundreds of pounds for sewer repairs.
The forum led by the patronized leader in a statement issued in Srinagar said that the legal notice states that "Syed Ali Gilani reserves right to take all the legal recourses for defaming and disrupting him against The Times of India for deliberately attempting to defame him.
THE Indian Express has sent a legal notice to weekly news magazine Open and Outlook editorial chairman Vinod Mehta for allegedly harming the reputation of the daily, its editor- in- chief and three journalists of the newspaper.