legal obligation

See: liability
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Nothing had happened to justify us in alarming my lady on the subject of the jewel; and nothing could alter the legal obligation that now lay on Mr.
The great body of the people abide by the dry legal obligation in both cases, and a few break over in each.
But, sir, the essence of the sacrament of matrimony" (so he called it, being a Roman) "consists not only in the mutual consent of the parties to take one another as man and wife, but in the formal and legal obligation that there is in the contract to compel the man and woman, at all times, to own and acknowledge each other; obliging the man to abstain from all other women, to engage in no other contract while these subsist; and, on all occasions, as ability allows, to provide honestly for them and their children; and to oblige the women to the same or like conditions, on their side.
The RAC said the figures show that councils should be under the same legal obligation to maintain roads as they are to provide minimum standards for education and social services.
The notion of legal obligation features centrally in legal practices and studies, since law and obligation are widely regarded as closely connected by virtue of the authoritative structure of law.
Is there any legal obligation to maintain boundary fences?
This decision responds to a Congressional request for GAO's opinion regarding whether the Department of the Interior's Bureau of Reclamation (BoR) has a legal obligation to maintain the channels in Laughlin Lagoon that provide access to the Colorado River for boat traffic.
North American scholars of philosophy, political science, and law explore political and legal obligation in terms that were current during the Vietnam War and opposition to it.
demonstrate compliance with its legal obligation to provide every inmate with essential health care according to professionally accepted standards, and accredit all institutional health care sites;
Finally, there was no unconditional and legal obligation to repay at the time the advances were made.
1986), and found the following five factors critical: (1) The notes had no fixed maturity date or fixed obligation to repay; (2) repayment was likely contingent on corporate profitability; (3) the loan was unsecured; (4) the taxpayer did not establish a sinking fund for repayment; and (5) there was no unconditional and legal obligation to repay at the time the advances were made.
Meanwhile, a massively popular mayor is staking his entire future on reforming a district he has no legal obligation to oversee.