legal order

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But they also stressed that whatever form of the future relationship takes, it must respect the integrity of the EU single market, customs union and four freedoms and safeguard the EU legal order without allowing for a sector-by-sector cherry-picking approach.
This country which unfortunately in its Constitution evokes questions connected to the name and rational questions should adopt all changes in the legal order, especially in the Constitution, in order to find a solution to the name issue, without irredentism.
Working within the European Union legal order, they reassess the scope, effectiveness, and overall coherence of existing legal definitions of organized crime, and identify whether there is a need to reappraise these definitions.
The probe was revealed by a judge after he was told the victim had run up bills of over [euro]28,000 on a legal order to protect himself.
This is the new international legal order post-World War II.
A legal order banning publication of Irish's address was imposed at the hearing.
His prosecution remains dependent on the Crown Prosecution Service lifting a legal order imposed following a previous private prosecution for manslaughter.
Such legal order provides guidance, development and control of actions and the social behaviors based on a hierarchical system of legal norms.
The conference will include reports based on archives and accounts of survivors and their descendants, with the aim to draw attention to preserving human life as a supreme value, and a foundation of the international legal order.
However, this order will not preclude the Federation of Pakistan or the Special Court, seized of the proceedings under Article 6 of the Constitution against respondent General A(r) Pervez Musharraf, from passing any legal order for regulating his custody or restricting his movement.
The proposal reportedly said that mosques "do not just serve common prayer, but also the spreading of Islamic teaching, which advocates the removal of our legal order.
The author's trope 'legal dissonance', then, refers to a situation where 'an activity can be simultaneously advanced by one legal order and punished by the other' (p.