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Associating Bruce with a yellow legal pad seems specious; almost absurd.
In other words, stealing that legal pad really could have, in some circumstance, botched his ability to act on his judgment in a way that really would have mattered to his life.
It has stood unchanged since his 1990 death and contains his favourite armchair and old yellow legal pad he wrote on.
As Dad and I tended to his mother, I noticed my father every now and again writing down notes on a legal pad.
Rajaratnam took notes on a legal pad while Kumar testified.
She used a marking pen and legal pad to ask them questions during the pretrial hearing.
Get a cup of coffee, a legal pad, a sharp pencil and draw a line down the middle of the top sheet on the pad.
Before we left, she wrote an entire legal pad page of instructions for the babysitter.
WHEN I WAS IN PRIMARY SCHOOL, each student in my class had to write on a yellow legal pad for a little while every day.
The subsequent eye roll after I pointed to my legal pad and pen swiftly reversed our roles, and my fading hairline grayed in the corners.
SEATTLE -- There was a time when taking inventory at Bartell Drugs meant jotting down some information on a yellow legal pad.
Draw this chart on a legal pad or on the white board in your office: