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FATA require member countries to have mechanisms that identify and describe different types, forms and basic features of legal persons, processes for the creation of those legal persons, and processes for obtaining and recording of basic and beneficial ownership information which should be publicly available.
They are also non-resident companies established in Tunisia, legal arrangements if one of their directors or trustee is resident or having their tax residence in Tunisia, non-administrative establishments and public enterprises, associations and the networks of associations in compliance with the law governing associations and legal persons that the laws or regulations require to be registered.
New Delhi [India], Oct 12 ( ANI ): The Ministry of Women and Child Development on Friday announced that it will be setting up a committee constituting of senior judicial and legal persons to examine all issues tumbling out from the #MeTooIndia movement.
All the companies having legal persons as their members or shareholders are required to obtain and maintain information from their members and shareholders about the ultimate beneficial owners within 90 days, states the SECP circular.
To divide by 158,000 legal persons that are the companies, all sizes and sectors combined, we reach an average of a little more than 16,339 TD per legal person, knowing that the industrial companies which are the biggest employers are only 79.250 according to the INS.
"It is always about the physical transfer of assets from Slovakia abroad, although from the legal perspective it is not a sale of assets, since the headquarters and the permanent office moving assets between themselves,are one legal person, and so the person of the assets owner does not change.
Under the new rules, district courts will be obliged to submit electronically to the registry office within one business day judgments on the establishment and termination of legal persons which are not traders, as well as changed circumstances pertaining to them.
The criminal law of French regulates the penalties applicable to the legal persons, besides fine and dissolution, also includes: (1) prohibition to exercise, directly or indirectly one or more social or professional activity; (2) placement under judicial supervision; (3) closure; (4) disqualification from public tenders; (5) prohibition to make a public appeal for funds; (6) prohibition to draw cheques; (7) confiscation of the thing which was used or intended for the commission of the offence, or of the thing which is the product of it; (8) posting a public notice of the decision or disseminating the decision in the written press or using any form of communication to the public by electronic means.
Legal persons must submit the commercial registration certificate, commercial license and official documents showing the legal entity and citizenship, provided that all documents are valid.
legal persons, including businessmen, may open an account in the bank free of charge.
It wants 26-year-old Tommy and three other chimps to be ruled as legal persons, making it illegal to keep them in the conditions.
waste delivered from business entities to other natural and legal persons in the country or abroad during 2010.