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6) Practitioners of legal philosophy (7) in the modern analytic tradition--proud heirs to the Hartian legacy--have Accordingly sought to explain the nature of law without reference to coercion.
The first two sentences of Modernism and the Grounds of Law, with their reference to Freud as the impetus for the project and a borrowed phrase from Derrida, certainly are extravagant in their roving beyond the prescribed methods one would expect from a book in legal philosophy.
The Constitutional State is unfailingly intelligent and provocative, and should be welcomed by students of constitutional theory, constitutional law, political science, and legal philosophy.
While his assessment of the nihilism of the right-wing lawyers of the Federalist Society is dead on, the chapter on legal philosophy is a tough read, meandering through John Rawls and Aquinas, Aeschylus and Abbe Sieyes.
Here I concentrated on legal philosophy and specifically Kelsen's legal positivism because this is the legal theory with the most abstract view of law and the least interested in whether laws actually achieve the objectives they were meant to attain.
Questions about Judge Roberts' legal philosophy may be more relevant, but that doesn't mean they will be fair.
Delving into Dershowitz's legal philosophy, the reader finds two main ideas that are striking: the first is Dershowitz's profound revulsion against double standards.
Suppose that there is no way a civil code system can incorporate a common-law legal philosophy based on the notion of incremental jurisprudence based on case law.
Undergraduate courses in areas such as constitutional law, jurisprudence and legal philosophy, and even international law at other colleges are often taught within departments of political science, social studies, and philosophy.
Initially prone to side with business and law enforcement interests, his legal philosophy evolves to that of the great New Deal liberal.
There is a terrible flaw in our modern legal philosophy.