legal power

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5) In a noteworthy development, some Parties utilized the treaty's legal power to enact legal acts even in areas (surveillance, public education, etc) that were previously regulated through "softer" means (such as national guidelines and various administrative acts).
preamble's potential legal power from its actual legal power in its
The author certainly recognizes the economic and legal power men enjoyed, and the terror it allowed, but he emphasizes the uncertainties of powerful patriarchs trying to exert influence within happy families rather than lording over subjects through absolute authority.
Subsequent revenue rulings have also recognized that when a trust instrument gives a beneficiary the legal power to demand immediate possession of corpus, that power qualifies as a present interest in the property.
A fight against federal and international agencies to maintain the states' legal power to regulate game, other animals, birds, and fish within respective states.
A major reason is that the FEC does not have the legal power to levy fines.
Akin Gump global finance practice head Ed Zaelke and cross-border transactions partner Dino Barajas have been named by A Word About Wind to its inaugural Legal Power List of the top 100 lawyers working in the wind energy space.
LONDON, JAN 9 (KUNA) -- The UK cabinet was discussing later on Monday proposals to give the Scottish government the legal power to hold a binding referendum on independence, it was reported here.
Mr Hutton said yesterday: "After December 31 the UK has no legal power to detain any individuals in Iraq and continued detention would be a breach of the UK's international law obligations.
Proof, if it were needed, that for some all the legal power in the world just isn't enough.