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a legal principle refers to a legal principle at the time of the
Previously, such cases often were decided on the basis of joint and several liability, a legal principle adopted to ensure plaintiffs are fully compensated for their damages.
Notwithstanding the legal principle of self-determination set forth in the United Nations Charter as well as the establishment of assorted U.
The clandestine marriage system, coupled with the legal principle of coverture, meant that women married to escape their creditors, while men married to gain possession of women's property, possibly escaping their own creditors as well.
Probation Service officials are objecting to the conditions being changed, and say the case raises issues of important legal principle.
Taking the judicial decisions of the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia as his core material, as it has dealt with general principles of law much more often than others, but also discussing the decisions of other international courts, he analyzes cases of effective application of general principles of law, as well as those instances without application where the categorization of a given legal principle as a general principle of law or the applicability of general principles of law were at stake, as these latter instances may shed light on issues of determination of general principles of law at the national level and their translation into international law, the most problematic aspects of general principles of law as a source of international criminal law.
This legal principle has been recommended for adoption by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) by an ECJ advocate general, who has said that "in the absence of uncertainty" that the rival manufacturer has no plans to sell such branded clothing in the transit country, EU law does not allow an original manufacturer to use local trademark rights to block such transports.
However, he ruled it would be wrong to increase her minimum term beyond 12 years, even were it not for the fact that the legal principle that laws are not retrospective precluded him from setting a tariff higher than that.
A legal principle will be introduced across the whole EU under which the polluter must pay.
I hope that the lawyers will present this argument at the trial, and that the t rial court will be persuaded to adopt this American legal principle into Ontario law.
The legal principle of caveat emptor or ``buyer beware'' operates.
The new regulations constitute a significant departure from the core legal principle of 'innocence until proven guilty'.