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Nine fellows who have the potential to increase diversity within the legal profession will be named for the UW School of Law's entering class in the fall of 2015.
The legal profession, as with many professions, is substantially overregulated.
I believe the legal profession can, indeed must, reclaim the hallowed ground that it occupied during our freedom struggle and in the early years of the fledgling republic.
The primary intent of this book is to urge the legal profession to make the changes needed to make it more accessible for people, particularly African Americans and other minorities.
They add that the proposed reforms are plainly inconsistent with the core principles of the legal profession.
Smith has been city attorney of Tampa, chair and trustee of numerous colleges and universities, interim president of the University of South Florida, and board member of countless religious, charitable, civic, and professional organizations throughout a lifetime of service to the community and to the legal profession.
The evidence shows that prior to the mid-twelfth century there was nothing that existed anywhere in Europe that could be described as a legal profession in the strict sense of the term.
Setting the tone for chapters concerned with the medieval development of the legal profession, Brundage demonstrates that the law in Rome followed a path of democratization.
The rights watchdog warned greater access to the legal profession should be provided for minorities and those on low incomes.
I suggest it is a case of the legal profession dragging their feet in order to get more fees to swell their bank balances.
My grudging acceptance of a lawyer-based universe is instead rooted in historical observation: Human freedom, from Shakespeare's England to 19th-century Germany to modern America, rises in tandem with increasing numbers of lawsuits, court actions, and people getting rich in the legal profession.
The Law Society awards the honorary degree to select members of the public and the profession who exemplify the character nd values held in esteem by the legal profession.