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In cases where friendly loans are agreed upon, Mehta said the only way either party will have grounds for effective legal recourse if things go wrong, is by documenting the exchange by way of written agreement.
Khan said that his party would also adopt a legal recourse against the commission before taking to the streets.
The programme would issue sukuk through a wholly owned subsidiary of SocGen, a structure featuring back-to-back sharia-compliant contracts that would provide investors legal recourse to the French lender, Kuala Lumpur-based credit ratings firm RAM Ratings reportedly said in a bourse filing.
The embattled property developer said they would continue to seek appropriate legal recourse "as we move on and continue our pursuit for justice and fairness.
There are many who could not take legal recourse because they don't have the financial resources or are too new to Delhi," said Kumar Saurabh, one of the litigants whose petition the SC issued Wednesday's order on.
The national workplace relations tribunal is said to be trying a conciliation conference for the two parties and if the issue cannot be resolved, Grieg will have to seek legal recourse in a federal court.
4.Understand your legal recourse to the adviser (the distributor), and the product provider.
Microsoft claim to have recovered the data on this occasion but, due to the terms of the end-user licence agreements, had Microsoft been unable to recover it, users would have had no legal recourse for their loss.
I will not comment about how much is the "right" pay and how much is not, but certainly, a lot of the blue collar workers who are employed in Bahrain are made to endure inhumane hours of physical labour, not given clean and comfortable accommodation, threatened, physically and mentally abused and most importantly, the law is against them so that they have no legal recourse against all this.
The Driving Standards Agency said: "We report all cases of assault on our staff and seek legal recourse against the perpetrators."
However, the Act does provide legal recourse for disabled people who have been denied equal opportunities or access to goods and services and all business should be prepared for this."
In an unusually pointed dissent, Justice Antonin Scalia condemned the majority decision for eviscerating the habeas corpus guarantee, which prevents the government from indefinitely imprisoning individuals without formal criminal charges or legal recourse. According to Scalia, "Hamdi is entitled to a habeas decree requiring his release unless 1) criminal proceedings are promptly brought, or 2) Congress has suspended the writ of habeas corpus." The September 20, 2001 congressional resolution authorizing use of military force against terrorist groups, Scalia continued, "is not remotely a congressional suspension of habeas corpus, and no one claims that it is."

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