legal redress

See: recourse
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Chiefs of the devolved units, in solidarity with senators and MCAs, marched to court to seek legal redress on the standoff.
She told me to relax," she said.According to Dr Kariuki, the hospital advised the family to seek legal redress.
A House of Representatives group, G7 had on Monday during a programme on a National Television said it would seek legal redress to ensure that the result of the election is upturned because members were financially induced.
The cricket board said it intends to seek legal redress with regard to these malicious publications.
Despite some progressive laws and policies, LGBTI workers often find themselves without legal redress because of prohibitive costs, drawn-out legal procedures, or lack of trust in the system.
And it is likely that, unless Hoeness makes a full public apology, Etihad bosses will seek legal redress. Hoeness, 67, is a former German international striker who played for Bayern for nine years.
However, Abubakar and his party, the PDP, were dissatisfied with the conduct of the election and the eventual declaration of Buhari as winner and moved to seek legal redress.
'The ICC is not the be-all and end-all of our avenues or arenas of legal redress,' Edre Olalia, president of the National Union of Peoples' Lawyers, told the Inquirer.
"We support the company and the individual in question in seeking legal redress to protect their own interests and refusing to be victimised like silent lambs," South China Morning Post quoted Wang as saying.
'Fawad reserves the right for appropriate legal redress including all such remedies against any damages caused by this event, should the FIR not be cancelled.'
Presenting Thursday the report at a press conference in Tunis, Ombudsman Abdessatar Ben Moussa said legal redress was provided to complaints in connection to public institutions at a rate of 75%, followed by ministries (52.66%), governorates (51.49%) and municipalities (47.69%).
Under such laws, the ministry said, no legal redress measure is available to victims seeking compensation for sexual harassment or assault that occurred when they were underage, if their parents failed to seek any legal measures despite knowledge of the offence for three years.

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