legal representative

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Legal Representative

In its broadest sense, one who stands in place of, and represents the interests of, another. A person who oversees the legal affairs of another. Examples include the executor or administrator of an estate and a court appointed guardian of a minor or incompetent person.This term is almost always held to be synonymous with the term personal representative. In accident cases, the member of the family entitled to benefits under a Wrongful Death statute.

legal representative

noun administrator, appointed representative, attorney-at-law, authorized individual, authorized representative, executor, executrix, legal agent, legal proxy, legal spokesman, legal substitute, professional representative
Associated concepts: personal representative
See also: administrator, advocate, attorney in fact, counselor, executor, jurist
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I tried to hand in the [documents], and the judge told me [Ghanem had to be present]," Harb said, adding that a legal representative is allowed to hand in the documents without the presence of the accused.
Reyneke told Samuel that they have agreed with Form-Scaff legal representatives that they should first get instruction and mandate from client on the way forward.
The legal representative said that he received a call from market officials in September last year warning of the scam.
Current language requires health providers in such care environments to inform patients or, when appropriate, legal representatives, of a patient's rights in advance of furnishing or discontinuing care.
Current language requires providers in such environments to inform patients or legal representatives of a patient's rights in advance of furnishing or discontinuing care.
As of 1 June 2013 the trademarks office will permit only one legal representative / agent to be recorded per brand owner.
Summary: DUBAI -- Dubai FDI, the foreign investment office in the Department of Economic Development, or DED, has appointed advocates and consultants Musthafa & Almana as its legal representatives and advisors in India.
In each case, the Tribunal was directly concerned with the duty of disclosure owed by a legal representative to an opponent.
Weiwei said that if the case were to go to the police it was possible that they would detain his wife, because she is the firm's legal representative, and the company's manager and accountant, who he says have been unreachable in the months since his release.
Summary: RIYADH: A group of Saudi businesswomen is campaigning for all government departments to scrap the requirement for a male legal representative when processing paperwork and other related business.
Some employees, such as NHS hospital doctors, do have a right under their contracts of employment for a qualified legal representative to attend the disciplinary hearing.
A legal representative for Mubarak denied media reports that the former president had amassed enormous wealth in office, the official Mena news agency reported on Feb 20".

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