legal representative

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Legal Representative

In its broadest sense, one who stands in place of, and represents the interests of, another. A person who oversees the legal affairs of another. Examples include the executor or administrator of an estate and a court appointed guardian of a minor or incompetent person.This term is almost always held to be synonymous with the term personal representative. In accident cases, the member of the family entitled to benefits under a Wrongful Death statute.

legal representative

noun administrator, appointed representative, attorney-at-law, authorized individual, authorized representative, executor, executrix, legal agent, legal proxy, legal spokesman, legal substitute, professional representative
Associated concepts: personal representative
See also: administrator, advocate, attorney in fact, counselor, executor, jurist
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The single sheet of slightly yellowing typewritten paper tells Mr Eastman: 'This is to inform you of the fact that you are not authorised to act or to hold yourself out as the Attourney (sic) or legal representative of 'The Beatles' or of any of the companies which the Beatles own or control.
Procedures for obtaining informed consent from the resident or his legal representative to use restraints
In 2007, Cui Peiyu, the legal representative of Century 21, acquired a 95% stake in Sichuan Huaguang for RMB 980,000.
No one has been allowed to see her, she has no legal representative.
Prosecutor Hannah Norton told the court Dwyer, of Walston Road, Wenvoe, was stopped near the bottom of Rumney hill on Newport Road after attending Rumney Police Station to see a client in his role as a freelance legal representative.
The 29-year-old was accompanied at the hearing by his legal representative Donal Spring and Munster rugby director Declan Kidney.
Received by the transferor of the interest or his or her legal representative no later than nine months after the date on which the transfer creating the interest in the person making the disclaimer is made, or the date on which the person making the disclaimer attains age 21.
A LEGAL representative from Liverpool was cleared yesterday of laundering drugs cash.
A statement from the RFU, issued last night, said: 'The RFU can confirm that discussions between chairman of the RFU Management Board Graeme Cattermole, chief executive Francis Baron, Sir Clive Woodward and his legal representative will now reconvene tomorrow morning [today].
That's one of the best ideas of the Puebla-Panama Plan," says Bosch Gutierrez, a legal representative for Guatemalan fast-food chicken franchise Polo Campero.
Our position is that Waterside and North Waterside were completed subsequent to January 1, 1974, and as a result these properties would not be subject to rent stabilization," says Sherwin Belkin, a partner in the law firm of Belkin, Burden, Wenig & Goldman, Waterside Housing's legal representative.
The letters requested that the resident or an authorized legal representative sign and return new admission contracts required by NHC to facilitate the name change.

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