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But ultimately the BOD has legal responsibility for governance and, while required to work closely with staff, it also needs to be able to exercise critical, independent and detached judgement, to avoid figurehead status by merely providing a rubber stamp for decisions made in other forums.
As it turned out, most journalists focused on our recommendations regarding legal responsibility.
Asahi's public relations department said the company has not acknowledged its legal responsibility in the case and that it agreed to the settlement partly because the former Nippon Housing Loan officials proposed it.
Police say they have identified the children but are powerless to act because they are below the age of legal responsibility.
Telia has said that the company has no legal responsibility for the downloaded material but that it does not try to hide that it is a problem and is happy to help the music and film industries to charge for their services, reported Dagens Nyheter, a Swedish newspaper.
Some people say that the law gives schools the legal responsibility to ban products such as peanuts that threaten some children's lives.
Do owners of computers hijacked and used for illegal purposes bear any legal responsibility for the crimes committed?
In other words, the effort to assign employers more legal responsibility was making them less willing to permit telecommuting at all.
From this vantage point, Justice Shaw appears to have abrogated his moral and legal responsibility to protect both the accused and his potential victims, directly and indirectly.
Importers now have the legal responsibility for determining the correct value, classification and admissibility status applicable to imported merchandise.
The CDA alludes to these types of filters but doesn't recognize any legal responsibility on the part of parents, a point Pinyon takes issue with.