legal restraint

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It converts the abolition of legal restraint into a form of freedom that will help the full development of personality, and make the love of man and woman more wonderful, more beautiful, and more ennobling.
In this respect the legal struggle to protect citizens in Pakistan against enforced disappearance and extrajudicial killings and the effort to ensure that military and government officials are subject to legal restraint reflects a global debate.
Because of this, men of good will disagree as to the appropriate degree of legal restraint of activities such as alcohol consumption.
There are elements of European law, but no Arab country has ever implemented genuine constitutional law setting rulers within some bounds of legal restraint.
Has the council legal department never heard of 'lien', whereby a legal restraint order ought to have been put on the property and land, thus guaranteeing cost recovery.
The 779 prisoners were held without legal restraint on their captors, and well-established allegations of torture and abuse have consistently surfaced.
The NSPCC said children had suffered broken arms and fingers as a result of legal restraint techniques.
No longer a legal restraint, the wife moniker is far more complicated than it once was.
Past experience has shown that legal restraint remains the only effective antidote to this social disease.
And while this case might be trifling, the Judge's ruling advances the larger argument that calling someone gay is no longer an insult and thus not subject to legal restraint.
To propose abandoning the core legal restraint on international force in relations among states is to misread the challenge of September 11.
The Progressive's March issue treats the fall of Enron as further proof big corporations need greater legal restraint, as if corporate greed is merely a matter of government control.

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