legal restraint

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It converts the abolition of legal restraint into a form of freedom that will help the full development of personality, and make the love of man and woman more wonderful, more beautiful, and more ennobling.
The NSPCC said children had suffered broken arms and fingers as a result of legal restraint techniques.
Past experience has shown that legal restraint remains the only effective antidote to this social disease.
And while this case might be trifling, the Judge's ruling advances the larger argument that calling someone gay is no longer an insult and thus not subject to legal restraint.
The Progressive's March issue treats the fall of Enron as further proof big corporations need greater legal restraint, as if corporate greed is merely a matter of government control.
We now have one of the only two houses he designed passing into foreign ownership with absolutely no legal restraint.
If one were to mount a plausible consequentialist argument in favor of an absolute principle against prohibitions based on such indirect effects, one would have to contend that governments cannot be trusted to limit legal restraint to extreme situations in which expected future harm is serious and pervasive and restraint at the initial stage is much more effective.
And all but the most doctrinaire accept the need for regulation and legal restraint by the state.
Like many agency veterans, he fears that turning the CIA into what Senator Durenberger has termed the White House's "political action committee" will eventually rebound on the agency itself, leading it into another round of congressional inquisitions and demands for legal restraint.
At the present time there is no legal restraint on the right of a bishop to ordain noncelibate gays," Michael Rehill, chancellor of the Newark diocese and the lead attorney for Righter, said after the church court announced its decision.
For too long, careless abortion providers have performed dangerous, life-ending late-term abortion procedures without meaningful legal restraint or supervision.
Mervyn King was under legal restraint to reveal Northern Rock's situation.

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