legal right

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Legal Right

An interest that the law protects; an enforceable claim; a privilege that is created or recognized by law, such as the constitutional right to Freedom of Speech.

legal right

noun authority, authorization, cause, claim, empowerment, entitlement, freedom, inalienable right, just claim, legitimate right, license, power, prerogative, vested right or interest
Associated concepts: due process, freedom of the press, free speech, right against self-incrimination, right to assemmle, right to petition
See also: birthright, droit, freedom, jurisdiction, patent
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When Leopard Spot was sent to us, Legal Right got bored so Russell sent him to us and asked if we could do something with him.
The Chimpanzee Collaboratory's Legal Committee hosted a symposium at Harvard Law School last September that featured such scholars of the law as Professor Alan Dershowitz (who opined that "rights grow out of wrongs"), Cass Sunstein of the University of Chicago (who argued that animals regarded as property can still have rights under the law, and that "our culture is much more interested in protecting animals than our laws are"), David Favre of Michigan State (who said that animals may "cross the river" to legal rights over the "stepping stones" of incremental change), and acclaimed primatologist Jane Goodall (who said that legal rights might prevent the poaching and habitat destruction that is threatening Africa's great apes with extinction.
But Kingsmark refused to throw in the towel as Mick Fitzgerald drove his mount up alongside Legal Right.
Bindaree still held the lead approaching the last fence, but Legal Right was looming up alongside, tracked by track specialist Kingsmark ridden by another transferred jockey, Mick Fitzgerald.
The George Stevens Chase (Showcase Handicap) at Cheltenham today had also been mooted as a possibility but the conditions of the Haydock race, where Legal Right will actually receive weight from horses like Bobby Grant and Kingsmark, have led to the change of heart.
More third parties have the legal right to sue the SysTrust provider under the restatement rule than under the near-privity standard.
First, rehabilitation professionals should advocate with employers, as well as with members of the general public, for the moral and legal rights of persons with mental retardation to equal access to employment.
Other proposals include legal rights for children to decide which parent they want to live with, and a say in when they should see other family members.
To show how much "civilisation" has advanced, I am sure that the Welsh would have no objection to the English being given the legal right to speak English with each other in their own country.
Home School Heroes recounts milestones of progress reached for the right to homeschool, offers practical advice concerning what to do if state agencies attempt to interfere with the legal right to homeschool a child, and is strongly recommended for any parents seeking to pass on a religious, homeschooled education in their children.
As I am not in a Trade Union and the company is small and there are no people who I could really take along with me, could I ask in these circumstances that my brother come along instead Justin says: You only have a legal right to be accompanied at a disciplinary hearing by a work colleague or a Trade Union representative.
It's a difficult argument to grasp, but the state will recognize every legal right that a married person has for a gay person in a civil union.

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