legal right

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Legal Right

An interest that the law protects; an enforceable claim; a privilege that is created or recognized by law, such as the constitutional right to Freedom of Speech.

legal right

noun authority, authorization, cause, claim, empowerment, entitlement, freedom, inalienable right, just claim, legitimate right, license, power, prerogative, vested right or interest
Associated concepts: due process, freedom of the press, free speech, right against self-incrimination, right to assemmle, right to petition
See also: birthright, droit, freedom, jurisdiction, patent
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A coalition between Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives and the Social Democrats (SPD) has recently proposed a legislation that would give German citizens the legal right to fast internet connections.
Anyone will have a legal right to request for internet connectivity but will have to shoulder costs, in the same way that people pay for utilities, like with having a landline phone.
This new proposed legal right will allow eligible working parents paid time off to help them grieve and will help employers who manage staff that are experiencing the distressing loss of a loved one.
NHS England says it is important that patients are offered their legal right to choose.
We'll be asking judges, for the first time, that these cognitively complex, autonomous beings have the basic legal right to not be imprisoned.
In that case we can remove any organs and tissues we want, and you have no legal right to stop us.
I have spent my career as a lawyer practicing what we now call animal law, and for me, the extension of legal rights to nonhuman animals is both a rational legal goal and a moral imperative.
Health Secretary Andy Burnham also said at a conference that everyone aged 40 to 74 would have a legal right to a five-yearly NHS health check from 2012 to assess their risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease.
Summary: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called on Iran's judiciary to ensure that an Iranian-American journalist jailed for espionage enjoys her legal right to defend herself, the official IRNA news
Shareholders in Australia have the legal right to vote on executive pay, and this fall, at the Telstra annual meeting, two thirds of the votes cast opposed the near $20 million the Telstra board had okayed for CEO Sol Trujillo, a former top exec at the Denver-based US West.
If you were childless, your spouse or civil partner - even if you were long separated - has a legal right to half your moveable estate (this means everything apart from land and buildings).
In 2004, the Supreme Court threw out Newdow's case, ruling that he does not have the legal right to bring it since he lacks primary physical custody of the girl.

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