legal trial

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The group cited Article 96 of the recently-ratified Constitution, which states that those accused of a crime are "presumed innocent until proven guilty in a fair legal trial in which the right to defend oneself is guaranteed".
Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails are increasingly resorting to hunger strikes to protest both their indefinite detention with no charges and being denied the right to a legal trial.
According to the AIC, administrative detentions violate Article (66) of Geneva Convention IV, which demands that trials should be held in the occupied territory, as well as Article (71) which states that the use of private courts of the occupying power should only take place after a legal trial.
It is difficult to talk about, in a technical sense, the legal trial process of the GE-len lawsuits.
On Sunday, Guzman was also formally charged with violations of Mexico's drug-trafficking laws, starting a legal trial process in Mexico that would also make a swift extradition to the U.
BNA) -- The National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR) has renewed its categorical rejection of the repeated publication of the names and photos of suspects in official media and daily newspapers, calling upon all the concerned sides to be committed to the provisions of the kingdom's Constitution whose Article 20 stipulates that " An accused person is innocent until proved guilty in a legal trial in which he is assured of the necessary guarantees to exercise the right of defence at all stages of the investigation and trial in accordance with the law" (paragraph (c) ) and that "It is forbidden to harm an accused person physically or mentally" (paragraph (d)).
EXHAUSTING Going through a legal trial is a physically exhausting and debilitating process, and I cannot imagine the absolute wrench in Tony's already broken heart when the courts told him he had lost his case.
The prisoners on Hunger Strike are calling for the UAE constitution to be upheld and a fair and legal trial to be granted.
I implemented a legal trial role-play in an EAP oral communication course at a private graduate school in the US.
Later, the cases are sent to the courts for legal trial.
Despite the attempts of the remnants of the "counter revolution," the Egyptian revolution has maintained its civilized glow by achieving the first peaceful and legal trial of an Arab president without any external pressure or foreign invasion.
The civil case is the first legal trial for the restitution of royal property, which was launched after regional governor Todor Petkov refused to restore the Krichim residence to Simeon-Saxe Coburg and Maria Luisa.