legal trial

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[USA], July 30 (ANI): Singer Katy Perry who was engaged in a legal trial concerning one of her songs to be infringing the copyright, has lost the suit.
In a legal trial, a wild card witness is a surprise factor that could influences the case.
The settlement, which was revealed on Friday, came days before the couple were due to face a legal trial over the custody of Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne.
The prison's authorities stated that the body was shifted to Jinnah hospital after the magistrate's legal trial.
'It (moving forward and reforming) will be made more impossible when Umno still lives in its own labyrinth, reminiscing the past and allows a man who is under a legal trial to be significantly involved in the party.
Four years ago, Chicago blazed a legal trial with a lawsuit accusing leading opioid manufacturers of knowingly misrepresenting the benefits of opioids, concealing serious addiction risks and targeting the elderly and veterans by making bogus medical claims.
This conflict, though concretized as a legal trial, providing the play's dramatic focus or denouement, partakes of a larger ordeal, which is, in fact, the primary movement of the work, containing the lawsuit at its center: the defendant-protagonist's trial of conscience, an extra-legal ordeal (psychological, in terms of his or her experience of it; ethical, in terms of its function) closely related to the legal dimension of the work though governed by different laws.
The report stated that Nawaz Sharif was not given the benefit of a legal trial, and was punished on the findings of an investigative panel.
Justice Kayani remarked if Nawab Ali Leghari was involved in any criminal activity then a legal trial should be conducted and if he was an innocent person then no one have right of his illegal confinement.
* From Ross Ramsey: Amid a legal trial on the Texas redistricting case, the mapmakers of the hour are the three federal judges hearing the litigation in San Antonio.
Government officials and MPs previously rejected any talk on Trump's involvement in Hegazy's release, stressing that shewas only released after concluding her legal trial and fulfilling all conditions for her release.
"It is a political and legal trial against President Nicolas Maduro to see what responsibility he has in the constitutional rupture that has broken democracy, human rights and the future of the country," ( Julio Borges, leader of the centre-right opposition coalition, the Democratic United Roundtable (MUD), said.