legal wrong

See: tort
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If a problem arises among individuals, businesses, the so-called "private sector," the law provides a forum for investigation, access to the courts for trial to determine the facts, who (if anyone) committed a legal wrong entitling the government to impose a punishment, or that the case should be dismissed.
For more than forty years, Provost Umphrey's mission has remained to seek justice for those suffering from a personal injury, wrongful death or other legal wrong across Texas and nationwide through their lawyers in Beaumont and Houston, Little Rock, Arkansas and Nashville, Tennessee.
Whilst unregistered trade marks are protected in the UK under the legal wrong of passing off, establishing passing off in a court case can be hard to prove.
A finding of a legal wrong in the case of conspiracy law requires an actus reus.
We opened the door to the fishing expedition: "I don't know for sure whether you have done me any legal wrong, but please hand over the contents of your filing cabinets so that I can find out.
The claim of unlawful exile as a legal wrong was not arguable, he ruled.
A source said: "It has now been established that a legal wrong was committed.
While it was a pittance to what is needed to restore languages, we saw it as a glimmer of hope and the beginning of the government's commitment to "right an historic moral and legal wrong.
Doing (moral) wrong is not (as a moral retributivist might suppose) enough to justify (legal) punishment; there must be legal wrong as well; and legal wrong, as opposed to moral wrong, requires no great tragedy if "they do not do X.
If one believes that absolute equality of access to public forums is necessary to avoid marginalizing unpopular groups, it is inappropriate for courts to afford some groups preferred access to nonpublic forums, even when they wish to protest a serious legal wrong.
Every time this terrible legal wrong has been exposed, there is an outcry.
Juries award hundreds of millions of dollars [in judgments] because they feel sorry for people even if there's been no legal wrong committed," Linfield maintains.