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Slang; technical jargon used by attorneys that is often beyond the comprehension of the nonlawyer.

States enact "plain English" laws that require the translation of legalese into everyday language to permit consumers to understand thei insurance policies, deeds, mortgages, leases, credit card financing agreements, and other legal documents.

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n. slang for the sometimes arcane, convoluted and specialized jargon of lawyers and legal scholars.

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the language used by the legal profession, a term now used pejoratively.
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So the team of arrangers drafted an Applicable Pricing Supplement, again legalese for actually naming an asking price, decided on a spread, and set off on a roadshow to South Africa's large institutional investors in September.
Refusing to say it's because most Kipp days are spent sitting in front of the computer and tapping away at the frustrating world of red tape, hypocrisy and irrational legalese, I offer the long winding and impossible massive size of the Gitex map is to blame for my sore legs and back.
Blurt out all the facts about your company in a prepared speech that rivals the legalese outros on car commercials?
These letters must comply with state laws, but compliance doesn't mean the letters have to read like legalese or cause undue panic.
A new board of interim directors has been elected to construct our new constitution, or 'Memorandum of Association', legalese from the new Companies Act that is about to come into force.
If you can make heads or tails out of the legalese, you are less tired than I am.
really to The Plain English Campaign is now recognised globally as the foremost advocacy agency for trying to abolish legalese and bureaucratic gobbledegook.
Date and pricing remain to be set at press time, but the proposed ticker symbol for the New York Stock Exchange offering is "TOYS." A few tidbits buried in the legalese:
The Plain English Campaign, which lobbies for the use of clear language and against legalese and jargon, said it was shocked by references made in the inquiry to the resolution being unclear.
The letter itself is a prime example of Government callousness, full of legalese and heartless prose.
A must read for those who want to file a complaint but are put off by legalese, "How to Win Your Case in Small Claims Court Without a Lawyer" is indispensable.
Even though the economic stimulus bill is written in legalese, members of Congress should have been able to read it.