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However, even if it comes, any legalisation is still likely years away.
Our office is now contacting every legalisation customer on our records and within our reach to explain the legalisation process and we will also advertise this on our website, Facebook, and Twitter," the embassy statement said.
Spain's legalisation of abortion and gay marriage have stoked tensions with the Vatican, although the government downplayed friction during the visit.
The Independent newspaper campaigned for many years for the legalisation of cannabis, but in March 2007 it apologised and reversed its stance because of the growing mental problems among young people caused by strains of cannabis 25 times more potent than the sort around a decade earlier.
So this group, ie the majority of women who now work on the streets, will be marginalised still further by legalisation.
She added: "Moving to total legalisation would, in our view, greatly exacerbate the harm to people in this country, not reduce it.
He also claimed that if the Tories supported legalisation it would make them more popular with young voters.
There are extremists who are totally against the legalisation of or any degree of legal leniency toward any drug.
The British Medical Association's Scottish Committee for Public Health Medicine and Community Health has put forward a motion for legalisation to go to next month's annual conference of the association in Belfast.
But Downing Street said legalisation was not on the agenda, adding: "When Mr Blair was Shadow Home Secretary, he looked hard and long at this issue.
In some cases The Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents has eased the administrative burden of international legalisations.
For Mexico City anti-narcotics cop Nieto Lara, a decision by the country's Supreme Court that could eventually lead to the legalisation of marijuana means only one thing: major cartels abandoning the drug and focusing on harder stuff.