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If sports betting is legalised, the country can get close to ` 12,000 crore as revenue.
My view is we should go for legalised, like alcohol and tobacco.
But by having legalised control, it would stop drug dealers profiting, it would stop addicts committing crimes to feed their habits, it would give addicts access to support and services and be safer for them.
We trust that our proposals will assist Councillor Rice in his deliberations regarding whether or not to lobby the Government for permission to establish legalised brothels.
We don't think that the savings of pounds 10bn a year will be worth the devastation if drugs were legalised.
Nitschke rose to prominence when he performed euthanasia on four terminally ill patients after Australia's Northern Territory state briefly legalised the practice in 1996.
The LGBT Pride march in Paris will be the city's first since France legalised gay marriage.
1960: Off-course bookmakers are legalised with the Betting and Gaming Act of 1960.
Community Safety Officer for Gwynedd and Anglesey,PC Ian Williams, told members of Gwynedd council's Dwyfor Area Services Committee of his concern if cannabis was legalised.
I think if it is legalised there will be that sort of open season.
THERE are two issues at stake in considering whether cannabis should be legalised.
A vicious circle - Leanne Yates, 31, unemployed from Middlesbrough If they were legalised you wouldn't get people serving 13 and 14-year-olds over the counter like the dealers do.