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Sharon Goodfellow said: "I think it should be legalised for medical use only.
I would much prefer to see cannabis as a Class B drug rather than being legalised.
His party took the view that cannabis should be legalised, but not heroin or other drugs.
Although not advocating the sale of cannabis if it was legalised, he said: "If a cigarette company started selling it at too high a price, I'm sure we'd be in there.
If sports betting is legalised, the country can get close to ` 12,000 crore as revenue.
But by having legalised control, it would stop drug dealers profiting, it would stop addicts committing crimes to feed their habits, it would give addicts access to support and services and be safer for them.
We don't think that the savings of pounds 10bn a year will be worth the devastation if drugs were legalised.
While 'removing the misery of street prostitution from residential areas' by creating legalised brothels, the council would only sanitise the issue and distract the attention of the public from the fundamental issues which need to be faced by society, viz.
He said: "A case might be made for cannabis use being legalised for medicinal purposes.
Sean Mckenna, 32, a film-maker from Middlesbrough, said: "All drugs should be legalised.
A senior Labour politician is demanding a public debate on whether Birmingham should lobby the Government for permission to establish legalised brothels.
Lib Dem peer and ex-top cop Lord Paddick says possession of all drugs should be legalised for personal use.