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We have suggested to the legislature for legalising betting with in-built mechanism and ensuring that players, match officials, administrator, team officials.
The post Americans' support for legalising marijuana has reached an all-time high appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The Treasury analysis found legalising, regulating and taxing cannabis has the potential to "generate notable tax revenue".
Salama's proposal said that legalising the hashish trade could contribute effectively in decreasing the national budget deficit of Egypt within a few years, compared to other economic methods.
Legalising euthanasia went against the core values of the medical profession and would radically change the doctor-patient relationship, "ultimately undermining good clinical and palliative care", Donnelly said.
This idea of legalising drugs will not go away until the socalled professionals get their own way.
The police officer said the impact of legalising betting on the society should also be analysed.
One of the main arguments in favour of legalising Marijuana is that it could potentially generate billions of dollars in tax revenues and generate jobs in the state.
Mrs Dalton said: "Taking this huge step towards legalising smokies will give more positive signals to the sheep industry and move us closer to bringing another product into the range that sheep meat fulfils.
HIGH TIME Cardiff Central MP Jon Owen Jones believes the government should consider legalising cannabis.
Legalising brothels would in our opinion, and we agree with the statement by the Churches Together issued on May 8, 2001, speak of an acceptance of prostitution and involves 'replacing one pimp with another, the city council.
Responding to Mrs Gravell's comments, David Raynes, a former HM Customs investigation officer and a member of the International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policy, described the idea of legalising drugs as "dangerous".