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Two policies since then adopted the liberal legalist nostrum with emphasis on the protection and promotion of the market.
Legalists believe that man is essentially selfish and that a system of rewards and punishment (with an emphasis on the latter) was needed to keep social order.
Puritans were insensitive to their own legalist stench, but the covenant of grace offered perceptual remedies.
Scholars in the legalist school have "held that the obsessive scrutiny of nominees' character, qualifications, and--especially--politicolegal views by hostile senators, the news media, and the many interest groups active in the confirmation process" has resulted in "undistinguished" nominees (p.
26) See THE LEGALIST REFORMATION, supra note 19, at 351 (2001); see William E.
A degree of selectivity is predictable when writers with no direct research experience of village courts review the legalist and legal pluralistic evidence on the basis of their own disciplinary interests.
On one hand, selective prosecutions would undermine the moral impetus for the trials themselves (they would look less respectable to their legalist proponents).
Antonio Franceschet argues that there are two distinct models of the global rule of law: Westphalian and liberal legalist models.
Leo Strauss, Natural Right and History [Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1953], chapters 1-3) and moderate "the legalist culture of unconditional rights" that has been engendered by conflicts over values in democracy.
On more than one occasion, I found myself having to prove I had common sense, was not a rigid negative legalist, and did not handle snakes or jump pews.
The core of the moral and legal framework created by that Westphalian settlement is perhaps best captured by the philosophical literature in Michael Walzer's legalist paradigm in his now-classic Just and Unjust Wars:
338 BCE), the Legalist thinker and overlord of this very locale in Shaanxi who was cruelly executed on the flimsiest of pretexts after a distinguished career as a court advisor.