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If the owner does not legalize the building, Birkhahn added, they could keep getting ECB violations, which he says end up being more expensive.
Nearly four in ten Americans have admitted to smoking pot and to the successful efforts to legalize marijuana in several states, the report added.
Geelani said that the FBR would have to show a declaration to legalize Rs7500 billion.
Orange County Sheriff Brad Gates, a fellow Republican who chaired the campaign against Proposition 215, said the measure ``wouldn't just legalize marijuana for medical use -- it would legalize marijuana, period.
In concert with Bishop Henry, a group of 100 physicians and lawyers issued a strong warning not to legalize physician-assisted suicide or euthanasia in Canada.
McCall's report on gambling had an unexpected pearl of wisdom on page 4, "If a state does not legalize casinos then it will participate unwillingly in the adverse impacts from casino gambling without sharing in any of the benefits.
The poll found that nearly 59 percent of Americans think whether or not to legalize marijuana should be left up to each individual state government to decide, including 49 percent of those who oppose legalizing marijuana in general, the report added.
What's a little more surprising is that the daughter of a prominent Republican figure should go public with a plea to legalize it.
Owners of foreign cars that will not legalize their cars on time will have to pay a fine of 100 euros or have their cars confiscated.
PESHAWAR, March 11, 2010 (Frontier Star): After revelations of the use of rented vehicles in activities of terrorism and suicide attacks, the NWFP Government has sought details about the business of Rent A Car in the province aimed to legalize the business.