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I think marijuana and all other drugs should be legalized.
While city officials estimate there may be 20,000 businesses operating out of homes in Los Angeles, only 650 firms have obtained a $25 Home Occupation Permit and agreed to pay business taxes since the city legalized the firms in March.
Yet if the polls are an accurate measure, marijuana might indeed be legalized for medical use in California.
Arkansas voters, meanwhile, turned down a proposed constitutional amendment that would have legalized alcohol sales in all 75 counties.
In an address to the 13 currently legalized political parties in the country, President Obiang invited the representatives of opposition parties and organizations residing abroad to participate in this dialogue meeting with the goal of legalizing their status inside the country or joining the existing legalized parties.
2009: Gay marriage is legalized in Vermont, New Hampshire and Iowa.
A similar initiative in Washington State also legalized marijuana for recreational use.
Younis said that if ball tampering was legalized, there would be a lot of swing and so he does not see it to be possible.
And now for the first time, a clear majority of Americans (58%) say the drug should be legalized.
In this case, the object that has to be legalized, would be subjected to the Building or can be demolished.
The outposts which will legalized are Ma'ale Rehavam, located east of Bethlehem, Haroeh to the north of Ramallah, Givat Assaf, east of Ramallah, and Mitzpe Lachshish, southwest of Hebron.
com/uruguay-legalizes-gay-marriage-becomes-12th-nation-do-so-video-1186931) Uruguay legalized gay marriage a week before New Zealand as well.