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Researchers found that those polled between the ages of 18 and 29 were the most in favor of legalizing the drug with a total of 64 percent, up six points from the 2010 study.
Of course, legalizing marriage would mean other benefits, the kind that can't be tallied.
If marijuana is made legal, what are the chances that there will be an increased demand for legalizing other drugs?
John Warren Kindt, "Increased Crime and Legalizing Gambling Operations: The Impact on the Socio-Economics of Business and Government," Criminal Law Bulletin, November-December 1994, 540.
In that context, legalizing cocaine by Colombia does not seem to be the horrible thing people claim.
We were legalizing the entire building under these permits, and that would have taken care of the first floor alterations as well," Atlas explained, adding that some minor plumbing work and a few other things still need to be completed in order to obtain a certificate of occupancy.
He goes on to claim that the debate or controversy over legalizing gambling has turned primarily on two different ethical points of view.
Legalizing medical uses of marijuana could make the problem even worse, warns General Barry McCaffrey, head of drug policy for the Clinton administration.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who said he would work toward legalizing marijuana in the country during his campaign, possibly saw his popularity get higher Thursday when he introduced legislation legalizing the recreational use of cannabis in the country.
The report holds out little hope for a national bill legalizing Internet poker, noting that it is a midterm election year where anything politically risky is unlikely to be enacted.
Synopsis: A majority of Americans support legalizing marijuana for the first time in Gallup's trend dating back to 1969.