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In an address to the 13 currently legalized political parties in the country, President Obiang invited the representatives of opposition parties and organizations residing abroad to participate in this dialogue meeting with the goal of legalizing their status inside the country or joining the existing legalized parties.
The survey showed that views of Americans on marijuana legalization have changed dramatically since 1969, when only 12 percent of those surveyed favored legalizing the drug, the Washington Times reports.
Despite maintaining the government's firm opposition to legalizing marijuana under federal law, in late August Deputy Attorney General James Cole announced the Justice Department would not challenge the legality of Colorado's and Washington's successful referendums, provided that those states maintain strict rules regarding the drug's sale and distribution.
The report is a drastic change from previous years; a 1960s Gallup poll found that 84 percent of those polled was not in favor of legalizing the drug.
As it turns out, gay marriage (43 percent) rates higher in California than legalizing those pointy-nosed polecat descendants (38 percent).
How does legalizing polygamous marriage advance the cause of abolishing marriage?
But when I amassed my arguments against legalizing polygamy, I couldn't come up with a single one that hadn't been used--speciously--against gay marriage.
Cole wants to remove the profit motive from the equation by legalizing drugs and having them supplied by the government.
A decade later Congress passed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, legalizing gambling on reservations.
It wasn't a ringing endorsement of legalizing same sex marriage, but an opposition to writing discrimination into the Constitution.
Prime Minister Jean Chretien said his government would introduce legislation legalizing gay marriage nationally but would allow religions to define marriage as they saw fit.
Legalizing drugs would minimally impact current levels of drug use because users now buy the drugs they want for a price.