legally adequate

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But Garaufis wrote that administration officials had not offered legally adequate reasons for doing so because they relied on an erroneous legal conclusion that the program was unconstitutional and illegal under federal law.
The appellate court, in a resolution that Bueser also wrote, ruled that such grounds were not legally adequate to support the recusal of Bueser from the case.
47) To use the common law provocation defense, the defendant must show that the killing was motivated by legally adequate provocation, which did in fact cause a heat of passion, which had not receded by the time of the killing.
In the long run, however, legally adequate warnings will insulate the drug makers from liability," Vickery said.
First, does storage of electronic images constitute a legally adequate replacement of physical checks or microfilm copies of checks?
Ward stated that an inference drawn from the detective's training and experience that drug traffickers often keep drug evidence in their homes would have been legally adequate, but the detective did not even do that.
Moreover -- since records are not kept just for business purposes -- what constitutes legally adequate records of e-commerce transactions?
Some of the issues Harvey and Shapreau discuss therefore remain untested-for example, whether general disclaimers are legally adequate to downgrade catalog descriptions from statements of fact to informed opinion.
Other arguments routinely advanced in support of a doctrine requiring that legally adequate warnings about prescription drugs reach only the prescribing physician include: (1) the doctor makes the ultimate decision as to whether a drug will be prescribed; (2) patients, to the extent they are involved in drug therapy decisions, get their information from their doctors; (3) the physician, unlike a written warning, can tailor a discussion of risks and directions to an individual patient's needs and ability to understand; (4) patients could not fully understand a legally adequate warning due to its highly technical nature; and (5) it is too difficult to create a legally adequate warning that patients could understand.
Not because the Catholic position has changed--not at all--but because the particular form of that document was not legally adequate as a living will.
I believe that everyone involved in the environmental studies within Merced County and Riverside Motorsports Park, as well as the many contract engineers and environmental specialists involved in our project's EIR knew, all along, that the studies, datapoints and alternatives covered in the report were comprehensive and more than legally adequate for CEQA.
Comment j to Restatement (Second) [section] 402A creates a presumption in favor of a product manufacturer that gives a legally adequate warning.