legally bound

See: liable
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As the UAE Civil Code does not define what the "essential" elements of a contract are, there is a risk that where the parties have, in principle, agreed on a number of elements that they regard as "essential", the parties could unintentionally find themselves legally bound to all the terms of a MOU, unless they expressly state which terms are not legally binding as between themselves.
Unlike the 1997 Kyoto Protocol -- a bifurcated approach that legally bound developed countries to reduce their emissions -- the Paris accord removes the distinction between developed and...
not legally bound to a specific framework, the global average temperature
The key question is: will a legally binding outcome also mean that China is equally legally bound?"
But neither developed nor developing countries are legally bound to do anything about their emissions under the Cancun Agreements.
<![CDATA[ Israel won't go to war again, says Hamas -- the Goldstone Report has legally bound the IDF and will prevent another incursion into Gaza.]]>
Although the participants weren't legally bound to stay in the treatment program, none left during the first 2 weeks.
While the private sector is not legally bound to reduce its emissions, pressure from Keidanren has seen major polluters accept high voluntary targets in order to avoid mandatory ones.
So there is a possibility that states which frown on such unions will still have to regard people as "married" if they are from other states that do consider them legally bound together.
Currently the only devices that are SigG compliant are smartcards, and therefore all security projects in Germany are legally bound to use only smartcard-based hardware.
It never occurred to me that family should be related by blood or marriage, or that familial responsibility might extend only to the people to whom you are legally bound.
78-197, the Service stated that it would treat the proceeds from a charitable contribution followed by a redemption of a donee's stock, under facts similar to Palmer, 62TC 684 (1974), as donor income if the donee is legally bound or can be compelled by the corporation to surrender the shares for redemption.