legally determine

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References in classic literature ?
Now that I was left wholly to myself, I gave notice of my intention to quit the chambers in the Temple as soon as my tenancy could legally determine, and in the meanwhile to underlet them.
The Injury Lawyers website says "chaos" can often be caused when markings are not present or sufficient, and, if an accident occurs, it can be very difficult to legally determine blame.
Supreme Court has held that executing people with an intellectual disability is unconstitutional, but it left it up to the states to legally determine the condition.
ISLAMABAD, June 04, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- The Competition Commission (CCP) has concluded that the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) may legally determine the minimum price for the purposes of levying tobacco tax on cigarette manufactures.
A question of fact case is not counted against insurers because the department said that it cannot legally determine the facts of the case.
Only a state-licensed surveyor or civil engineer can legally determine the location of your boundaries; a real estate agent with a compass cannot accurately tell you this information, Your contract should have a contingency that allows you to approve the location of your boundaries prior to the close of escrow.
In October, transgender persons were for the first time given the right to legally determine their chosen sex on official documents.
With the modifications to the employment law, a possibility is created for the first time to legally determine the minimum wage, said Zivko Mitrevski, acting president of the Federation of Trade Unions.