legally pursue

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The Undersecretaqry briefed the visiting delegation on the work of the committee on combatting human trafficking saying that a strategy was put in place to totally eradicate the practice and to legally pursue those involved in it.
Iran's Telecommunication Minister Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi said last month that the country would legally pursue Apple for suddenly cutting Iranian applications without notice.
The Egyptian legislature provides a brand owner with more than one route to legally pursue his rights.
DACA recipients like Zamora are able to apply for drivers licenses, receive in-state tuition for public universities, apply for a credit card, obtain a social security card and legally pursue employment.
Sukleen also warned that it maintains the right to legally pursue anyone who defames the company or its employees.
time would abate on their death or their legal heirs, who are not Civil Servant, could legally pursue the same.
That would allow the EPA to legally pursue whoever it deems responsible for the pollution.
Strange that a charity with so much wealth, collected to help people with vision problems, should be considering spending those charity funds to legally pursue the cash strapped NHS.
In April, Director-General Inter-Services Public Relations Major General Asim Bajwa had said that the Pakistan army would legally pursue the earlier statements made by the MQM chief regarding the Pakistan Army.
So far, we did not have an arrangement to legally pursue the cases when we find some certificates seeking equivalency certification and attestation are fake," said Prof.
In case of an evident crime, the law-enforcement authority can legally pursue and arrest the accused without permission from the house, which the accused is a member of.
He has finally noted that "any accusation not supported by evidence has no value, since anyone concerned in the accusation would be able to refute what has been circulated and to legally pursue the accused party for defamation.