legally qualified

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But the fact is the fellow was not legally qualified for command, and the Consul was bound, if at all possible, to put a properly certificated man on board.
At present, fathers in the private sector are not legally qualified for paternity leave while fathers in the public sector enjoy seven days of paid paternity leave.
The hearing was conducted at the force's headquarters at Hindlip by Harry Ireland, an independent, legally qualified chair and follows an investigation by the Professional Standards Department of Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police.
As a result, all 7 stations in the cluster are now under the Political Programming Staff's microscope, with the following question in front of regional manager Mark Hannon and SVP/Market Manager Greg Ried: Did Entercom fail to timely upload information to its online political files about requests for the purchase of broadcast time "made by or on behalf of a legally qualified candidate for public office?"
'Nothing stops us from having political parties that are youth-oriented with youths that are legally qualified to contest for leadership positions.
Deputy Chief Constable Serena Kennedy, said: "Public police misconduct hearings were introduced nationally in 2015 and are held in accordance with the national Police (Conduct) Regulations 2012 and the Police (Conduct (Amendment) Regulations 2015.The chair of the hearing, who is a legally qualified independent chair, is appointed in line with national regulations and has the final say as to whether a hearing will be held in public, or private.
Passing sentence the judge warned Scott: "If you come back here having shown no interest in the order and not having put your back into it, we will meet again and you do not need to be legally qualified to realise what will happen."
The ANOC Ethics Commission selected for a term of four years consists of seven members, five of whom are independent legally qualified and experienced members representing the Olympic councils in the five continents, a member representing the Athletes Commission and a member representing the ANOC Executive Board.
The registration process has enabled an exhaustive database of users who are legally qualified to offer services as advocates, lawyers and advisors.
The Secretary of State should be working to secure our election system from foreign entities and to ensure that everybody who is legally qualified to vote in Georgia has the opportunity to cast their ballots.
The panel - which comprised a legally qualified chair, a police superintendent and an independent panel member appointed by the Police and Crime Commissioner - delivered theCarmarthenshireofficer the sanction of a final written warning.