legally responsible

See: liable
References in classic literature ?
If not, it's not only that you must put up your shutters, but I am afraid that this missing money could hardly be included as an ordinary debt, and of course you are legally responsible for it just as much as I am.
had launched into imprudent and ill-judged speculations, and may not have had the money, for which he was morally and legally responsible, in hand; going on with pretended borrowings of money at enormous interest, really coming from - HEEP - and by - HEEP - fraudulently obtained or withheld from Mr.
Newspapers Be Legally Responsible for the Mental Health of Their Journalists?" May 2019) For journalists to claim otherwise is self-aggrandizing service to their own egos.
'Our schools should not forget that under the Family Code they are legally responsible for kids under their custody,' he said.
Rows about who was legally responsible might reasonably strike you as the most appalling buck-passing on the part of those whose job it was to look after the 95-year-old.
In its submission to the Australian royal commission, the firm said, 'While Allianz did not accept that it was legally responsible for choices made by customers, it accepted that some customer outcomes may not have met community standards and expectations.'
The radiologist was legally responsible for the missed diagnosis.
Department of Justice has formally opposed an attempt by Facebook to dismiss litigation by several housing groups, contending that the social media giant may be held legally responsible if advertisers violate fair-housing laws by using its ad-targeting tools, the Washington Post reports.
But the council-commissioned report, by Ball & Co, said the Baileys are legally responsible for the wall - and the council says owners of other properties have carried out repairs.
Summary: Washington DC [United States], May 27 (ANI): The United States government couldn't account for nearly 1,500 immigrant children in 2018, However, the federal government believes that it is not 'legally responsible'.
The social work department was legally responsible for only seven of the 115 residents.
Speaking after the Netherlands and Australia said they would hold Russia legally responsible in the MH17 disaster, Rutte appealed to Russia to cooperate with an criminal investigation and negotiate over reparations.