legally restrained

See: arrested
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Ms O'Sullivan said she was legally restrained from dealing fully with the accusations because evidence to the O'Higgins Commission was confidential as are instructions between lawyers and their clients.
In my view the proposal as it stands will fall foul of the Human Rights Act and should the Assembly proceed with it in its present form it is likely to be sanctioned and legally restrained from taking the plan forward.
Saying that the king and nobility commissioned, bought, and read many of these sources, Watts contends that a legally restrained king was the central theme running throughout them, but that the king was always seen as stronger than any other person or group and was the representative and embodiment of the realm.
Despite the Post's verbal commitment to go ahead with publication unless legally restrained, the paper evidently bent over backwards to give the government the opportunity to restrain.
Certain classes of investors are legally restrained in the type, maturity and quality of securities they may own.