legally sound

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The Jury all cheered, though the Judge said he feared That the phrase was not legally sound.
At the same time, I am well aware of the scale of the crime, as well as the need for a legally sound evidence base and strict adherence to all procedural rules".
This is a new area of concern for cities across the country, and we in Honolulu want to develop a policy that's legally sound and serves our community," the police chief said in a press release.
For example, sector related qualifications will bind the Federal and the Provincial Governments while recommending the Chairman and Members of the Authority respectively, allowing for more technically and legally sound decision making, which in turn will strengthen NEPRA's independence.
The council insisted "every decision taken was legally sound and in what our experts deemed to be in the best interests of citizens".
I agree with Ohio Right to Life and other leading, pro-life advocates that SB 127 is the best, most legally sound and sustainable approach to protecting the sanctity of human life," Kasich said in a brief statement following his executive actions.
Summary: One of a company’s most important must-dos after a cyberattack is notifying customers, employees, and other stakeholders along with regulatory authorities in a legally sound .
Herring on Friday defended his strategy, saying it was legally sound and claiming that the conservative justices' opinions were "philosophically based," out of touch with history "and now out of touch with the law of the land.
The legislation does not explicitly designate Turkey as a "safe third country" -- a formula to make any mass returns legally sound.
Tusk said the summit would "put together the elements needed to make this proposal legally sound, in line with EU and international law, practically implementable and, of course, acceptable to all 28 EU member states as well as to Turkey.
Offers approaches to creating General Plans that are legally sound, technically rigorous, progressive, and reflective of the communities they serve.
The decision was made with due regard to all of the relevant policy and legislative requirements and consequently the council is also wholly satisfied that the decision is legally sound.