legally sound

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"Transportation for life" was the sentence it gave, "And *then* to be fined forty pound." The Jury all cheered, though the Judge said he feared That the phrase was not legally sound.
Before it can be adopted, the Local Plan must be examined by an independent planning inspector to ensure that it is legally sound.
And unlike the legally sound Clean Power Plan, it will do nothing to encourage the growth of clean, affordable energy like wind and solar.
In response, a Gwynedd Council spokesman said: "As a council, we are absolutely confident that the Joint Local Development Plan is legally sound and that there is no legal impediment to proceed with the adoption process.
"Starting & Building a Nonprofit: A Practical Guide" covers such fundamental issues as: Developing a strategic plan and budget; Recruiting and managing board members, volunteers, and staff; Market a non-profit organization to a targeted audience; Raising money including traditional methods and crowd-funding; Building a website, using social media strategically, and avoiding copyright troubles; Adopting policies that are legally sound; and so much more!
The group could have made progress on Tuesday when a motion to reword the policy to make it legally sound was put before the Ausa student council.
The firm can prepare and review contracts, ensuring that they are legally sound and in your best interest.
Anyone who goes beyond this early stage must have a real case to be heard and the production team works rigorously to ensure each case is editorially and legally sound before being heard by Judge Rinder."
While the plan may technically be legally sound in planning terms, does it provide a sustainable planning framework which allows sustainable and managed growth?
The Government previously insisted they were "confident our processes are legally sound" and said "a number of inaccuracies in Mr Salmond's public statements" would be addressed in court.
The training program, which also must be developed by court administration, should help courts make legally sound and just decisions on eyewitness ID evidence's admissibility, the Dec.
A: For parking tickets, the application plays a game of 20 questions with you to figure out a legally sound defense.