legally sound

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The Jury all cheered, though the Judge said he feared That the phrase was not legally sound.
Public policy and new legislation development reflects international standards with regard to being evidence-based, consultative and legally sound.
But councils like Cardiff that are confronted with this challenge need to be sure that their arguments are legally sound.
Planning inspector Martin Pike heard from both sides as residents and local interest groups went up against council directors, planning specialist and legal experts, with Newcastle and Gateshead seeking to convince the inspector that their joint homes plan is legally sound.
He said that alimony is estimated in accordance with the husband's financial and social status on the condition that the marriage contract is legally sound.
Islamic hedging instruments need more research that could help the introduction of innovative and creative instruments that are legally sound, Shari'ah compliant, marketable, and less risky.
We pride ourselves on tailoring our advice so it's not only legally sound but is also a great fit with our clients' interests to ensure that we achieve desired outcomes, often within a tight timescale.
The Supreme Court found that the subsidies were legally sound citing the phrase being taken out of context, and the argument was unpersuasive.
The decision was made with due regard to all of the relevant policy and legislative requirements and consequently the council is also wholly satisfied that the decision is legally sound.
Defending his client, the chief executive of Bahria Town, declared the transfer of case to NAB as constitutionally and legally sound.
Circuit determined that EPA's standards were legally sound, but asked the agency to account for rules finalized after the cement standards were Issued.
FTC chairman Jon Leibowitz told Talking Points Memo said that the agency's decision was legally sound and would be beneficial to competition and consumers.