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Although the contests underlying each of these decisions are interesting, the first and the last illustrate Gregory at the height of his legatine powers.
Rennie's examination of Hugh's legatine councils details the scope of Hugh's activity and the institutionalisation of the office of legate and the growth of its powers.
Brother John is not amiss in his view, for Prior Robert--of fine, frosty face, tall, patrician presence, silver hair and brows--contrives to look every inch the mitred patriarch that he yearns to be and with unbounded hubris unquestioningly assumes that he will be when Abbot Heribert is called by the legatine council at King Stephen's behest to give account of his stewardship at the abbey.
Mayer begins with an analysis of various court documents, and concludes that even though Paul IV had apparently revoked Pole's legatine office, the matter remained unsettled, and Pole probably continued to function in that capacity until the end of Mary's reign.
A substantial number of casual references attests to the routine convening of synods, which produced decrees, diplomas, dispute settlements, and other decisions, but there are only four extant texts of canons: from Hertford in 672, Clofesho in 747, the legatine synods of 786, and Chelsea in 816 (supplemented by Bede's partial text of Haethfeld's acta of 679).
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