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"We have had legendary footballers and legendary performances but I think a legendary team is what we need."
The seven Legendary Service Award winners represent each of the company's operational territories and its office/distribution centers.
I was very fortunate to have some legendary teachers, including Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon.
Nestled along the northern Ontario shoreline of Lake Superior, one of the largest, deepest and coldest fresh water lakes in the world, are hideaway resorts, legendary scenic sights and historical Canadian parks.
ITEM: Reuters reported on March 16, "Doing good deeds, volunteering on building sites and obtaining Chairman Mao's autograph are some of the objectives of 'Learn from Lei Feng,' a new online game starring the Chinese Communist Party's legendary hero.
Legendary Dodger manager TOMMY LASORDA, as quoted in the Los Angeles Times, upon being offered a $500-a-year raise by GM Al Campanis, with a request that he not tell anyone: "Don't worry.
"It's the greatest collection of its kind and it be longs in New York City, the heart of the cartoon industry," said the Museum's founder, legendary cartoonist Mort Walker, creator of the "Beetle Bailey" comic strip.
The Karl Lagerfeld Diet, with its surefire psychological-preparation tips and eminently accessible gourmet recipes (tuna-and-blackberry mousse, anyone?), was inspired, according to Lagerfeld himself, by the legendary designer's inability to slip his plump physique into the reedy lines of Hedi Slimane's menswear.
Nicholson's careful research recreates Fitzgerald's life from her orphaned childhood to becoming the winning contestant in the famed Amateur Night at the Apollo that sparked her legendary career.
The tournament takes place at the Sky Creek Ranch Golf Club in nearby Keller, Texas, on a course designed by legendary golf course architect Robert Trent Jones.
Nureyev's voracious sexuality was such that even though many knew he was gay, his legendary partnering with British prima ballerina Mar Fonteyn brought rumors a sexual relationship.
If you reviewed the 30-year history of the BE 100s, you'd find all-star former athletes as well as legendary CEOs.