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A former actor and ventriloquist, Gillilan deploys the latter's legerdemain to shift between two compelling storylines and at least a couple of possible endings.
Successful operation of these businesses will be far more important in the coming years than Rupert's deal-making legerdemain.
Miramax co-chair Harvey Weinstein's feats of legerdemain as a dealmaker are well known in Hollywood.
Besides the three Cobbs, the playwright's most impressive feat of legerdemain is his handling of the murder of Cobb's father at the hands of his mother.
Only the images were an illusion, a fact that Jennings took pains to point out during the nightly telecasts -- perhaps to avoid the notion of editorial legerdemain.
Not an operations type, the ledger is his domain, and his legerdemain is, well, legendary.
Double-dipping as Travis and Trevor, Davis can't maintain a crucial sense of mystery and psychological legerdemain.
Between Richard Hartley's subtly ominous musical underscoring and Eyre's own fluency, the production comes as close as I have seen of late to suggesting a screenplay onstage, although there may be some who wonder -- with regards to the play -- whether such directorial legerdemain is worth it.
But this sumptuously detailed, ultracomprehensive four-hour historical doc makes a strong case for magic being the second-oldest, blending film footage, stills, literature and artifacts to paint a complex picture of the role that legerdemain has played down through the centuries.
But the governor is not alone responsible for the linguistic legerdemain that results in year after year of balanced budgets somehow producing overwhelming debt.
The money to pay for all this will come from budgetary legerdemain, or magic, to be done by the Department of the Budget.
In the British Dominion of Terra Nova, Molly and her family collect spirits aboard their airship the Legerdemain.