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Due to the topic and keywords, at first, in this paper urban view and landscape concept will be addressed and then legibility will be defined as influencing components on urban landscape from different theorists' point of view and after that legibility effect on urban view will be reviewed.
If you choose wisely, the legibility of even relatively small text can be a comfortable reading experience," she said.
Smaller sized text can be adjusted to appear with higher screen contrast to aid legibility, while larger output may be tuned for a softer appearance.
This has increased customer satisfaction and we have gained customers due to the code clarity and improved legibility of the package sell-by dates.
Attendance by the most flagrant legibility offenders (identified by nurses) was strongly encouraged.
More crucial to legibility is the spacing between lines (known to printers as leading, pronounced "ledding").
The machine uses optical and laser technology to check barcode legibility and ensure the correct positioning and placement of labels on both the top and bottom of packs.
But there is more to Bartlett's approach than just perceptual effects: You got the sense here that she wished to submerge legibility a little deeper, to push the paintings farther into the realm of association--like a composition instead of a picture--achieving greater formal plenitude along the way.
And of course they are even more interested in the photographs and drawings, which are generally of reasonable size, quality and legibility.
For comprehension and legibility, letters should be one inch for every 10 feet of viewing distance, and the stroke of the letters should be one-fifth the letter height.
Introducing a note of irony, the artist offered visitors the help of a ladder that ran along the wall, promising a closer look at all the work's parts, its most minute details--a promise kept only with difficulty, for the spotlights shining on the work mostly blinded the viewer, hindering the drawings' legibility.