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The suspects through their counsel Qazi Misbahul Hassan filed an application under Section 265-C of the Criminal Procedure Code for legible and readable copies of the pages.
Provision of a cartographic design service to design and produce artwork files for the Legible Leicester royalty free map asset.
This memorial plaque was found in a skip, broken into pieces, its words of tribute to the fallen barely legible.
The book offers longitudinal insights into how each institution originally hoped to reach its diverse audiences, the challenges and successes they have met, and the current changes they are making to keep their acts of self-representation legible.
Describing a recent workshop with children preparing for comprehensive school education in September, she said: "In a class of around 30 children, only three or four could write a grammatical, correctly spelled and punctuated sentence - or, indeed, a legible sentence.
Benefits and characteristics of the new tag, he adds, include: Lettering remains Legible for Life of sling; formulated with UV inhibitors and abrasion-resistant materials; dirt, oil and grease wipe off; ease of inspection; and, custom Logo availability.
A THE legal rules for registration plates say the registration mark shall be fixed and displayed on the front and the back so that the letters and figures are easily legible up to a distance of 75ft (23m) in daylight and 18m at night.
Circulation is legible, as internal and external terraces mirror each other, and indirect light penetrates deep into the building through north-facing glass walls.
Pens did not work because the ink would often smear and handwriting was not always legible," said Sebastien Lebon, mixing process engineer at Paulstra.
Until now, the first fully legible Maya writing dated to around A.
Oppenheim's work could be seen as critical dialogue with various attempts to make art legible by subjecting it to a linguistic model--from Panofskyan iconology to the Conceptual art of the era from which the alphabet posters stem.
A few tables are small, but overall the diagrams and charts are clear and legible.