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Writing fast, under pressure, legibly is a skill that takes many years to perfect.
This means that students need to be able to write legibly because readers--or teachers--form opinions about the quality of the work based on neatness.
Stenciled letters and cartoonish figures may make a painting like My Darling Clementine, 1963, legibly Pop, but the artist's ferocious dissections of forms and bodies, as well as his references to loaded stereotypes (a rubber mammy doll is installed next to this canvas), describe American consumerism in a language far more confrontational than that offered by most New York Pop of the early '60s.
Advertisers will furnish SHOTGUN NEWS with copy legibly printed or typewritten on one side of the paper only.
For instance, United States legislation on imports stipulates that every article of foreign origin imported into the US must be marked "legibly, indelibly and permanently as the nature of the article will permit" with the English name of the country of origin.
Some experts also recommend that students need to be motivated and encouraged by their teachers into the habit of writing neatly and legibly.
To prevent delays in repair or replacement, take time to carefully and legibly fill out the right tag with the correct information for turned-in components.
"Excuse me, sir," said a timid student, "I couldn't make out what you wrote in the margin of my essay." "I told you to write more legibly!" replied the teacher.
If she is alone and can't understand the items on the prescription, she sends the patient back to the physician to ask him to write the prescription more legibly. She suggests physicians type their prescriptions so patients can be certain about what they are given.
On 6 July, members of the European Parliament approved by a large majority (606 to 46 and 26 abstentions) new rules guaranteeing that food labels present essential information clearly and legibly. After three years of negotiations, they backed the compromise worked out in mid-June with the Council (second reading) on the draft regulation on information for consumers on foods.
It has long been assumed that displaying information more clearly and legibly will help readers take it on board, but the truth could be the opposite - that making something easy to read causes the brain to be lazy.
Much has been written about student preparation for standardized tests such as: get enough sleep, do not eat sugary food or drinks, eat a well-balanced meal, wear comfortable clothing, bring appropriate supplies especially extra #2 pencils, answer every question, write neatly and legibly, deduce wrong answers immediately and use all of the time given.