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Writing legibly at speed is an art that has to be learned over years, you can't suddenly mug up two weeks before D-Day.
If students are able to write legibly on paper using pencils in a cursive font, then they can start using a pen.
If she is alone and can't understand the items on the prescription, she sends the patient back to the physician to ask him to write the prescription more legibly.
It has long been assumed that displaying information more clearly and legibly will help readers take it on board, but the truth could be the opposite - that making something easy to read causes the brain to be lazy.
but when you're up against bona fide miraculous happenings (such as Newcastle putting five past Sunderland), the fact that you can legibly write the number 10, or make number 11 out of nothing but your forefingers does pale somewhat.
He added the woman did not write her information legibly on the immigration arrival card.
But also, and very deliberately, the projections wash legibly across the body of the viewer, physically absorbing him or her into the installations.
1697) would require that "each covered product introduced or delivered for introduction into interstate commerce shall bear a label that states completely, accurately, and legibly all of the ingredients of such product.
Vets are well known to be totally incapable of writing anything legibly, so why not let the horses, alone, perform this requirement?
The police have claimed that the deceased was involved with Mongolian Revenge group, which had legibly attacked police force in Pyuthan.
He said the other three requirements include that the bread must not contain any fungal growth or potassium bromide package must indicate date of production, approximate weight and the number of loaves, and bakeries must fix a notice board in conspicuous place legibly indicating the approximate weight of loaves.