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After Pinard took the apparent threat to Legionary Fr.
On the other hand, the period of Legionary Movement was from 1927 to 1938.
On the other hand, he might have been a Roman civilian working at the legionary supply depot at Holt, honing his skills in tile production with an eye on setting up a private business.
Another aspect is the Internet promotion of webpages that are dedicated to the mythology of the Legionary Movement.
Arguing with a centurion, Greek trader Diomedes is made to say (approximately) 'Long before the first Roman legionary shows his face, some Greek trader has introduced them to the goods of empire.
ACCORDING to the Handbook, the practice of legionary centurions using inscription stones to record the lengths of Wall which their men built means we know the names of about 150 such officers.
The framework of Ripley's book is a duologue between Olussa, a Greek historian, and Roscius, a legionary serving with Paulinus, with a few other voices interspersed in this composite and compelling narrative.
dig on the site of a medieval hospital and Roman legionary fortress, originally excavated by the Time Team in 1999.
The Legionary Museum will be hosting Roman Horror on the 31 October, call 01633 423134.
These people became gladiators because of poverty, debt, or to avoid decades of legionary service in distant provinces (see the discussion in Thomas Wiedemann's Emperors and Gladiators, Routledge, 1992, pp.
Set in Rome 549 AD, "The Silk Tree" is the story of merchant Nicander and legionary Marius who are forced to flee the heart of the Roman Empire and escape to a new life in Constantinople.
Magdala: God Really Loves Women, published this summer by the Magdala Center in Jerusalem, which is managed by the Legion of Christ," Legionary Fr.