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To enact laws or pass resolutions by the lawmaking process, in contrast to law that is derived from principles espoused by courts in decisions.

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Each chapter contains long excerpts of codes or treaties that legislate against religious discrimination, including some that are not specifically worded to address the issue.
But isn't a government expected to legislate against these excesses?
With regards to the mistake over the Navy laptop, Foreign Secretary David Miliband has said it is impossible to legislate against human error.
In short, you cannot legislate against human error or malpractice.
In a world where we are led to believe that youth is everything, and in a year when we had to legislate against ageism, the Oscars proved that age is no deterrent to screen greatness.
Unfortunately, they are no basis for the Scottish Football Association or any other powers-that-be to legislate against foreign ownership.
Yet, although the Liberal governments of 1868 and 1880 took up aspects of land and parliamentary reform, especially in Ireland, Mr Gladstone resolutely refused to legislate against the power of the House of Lords, however obstructive it was to other Liberal measures of reform.
Texas wildlife officials are unprepared to legislate against Underwood's unprecedented proposal, but said they may mold existing laws to regulate Internet hunting.
This draft Directive, agreed at the Social Affairs Council on December 7, completes a four-part package of measures to legislate against harmful agents at work - the others being exposure to noise, mechanical vibration, and electro-magnetic fields and waves.
The vulnerability is total now, the helplessness so far beyond repair that no one even makes the effort; one might as well legislate against oxygen.
"Any attempt by government to legislate against smoking in pubs, clubs and restaurants will be strongly resisted."
Her recommendation that teachers be aware of alternative (or relational) aggressions is on the mark considering how much pain they cause and how they may color later development, but her suggestion that the state legislate against common, nonviolent youth behaviors seems a bit extreme.