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To enact laws or pass resolutions by the lawmaking process, in contrast to law that is derived from principles espoused by courts in decisions.

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'I will join other progressive-minded members of the National Assembly to legislate for free, compulsory and qualitative Universal Basic Education.
"We've given away soft goals in the past and I can't legislate for that.
He will say that the Scottish Parliament "does not have power to legislate for a referendum on independence".
In the case of planning, it seems that the default position has been to try to legislate for 'good process'; at least that is the intention.
With each basis point in borrowing cost adding more than $200 million a year to the deficit, the stakes are too high to legislate for the sake of mere consistency among securities laws.
ISLAMABAD -- Addressing a seminar on safety of journalists organized by Freedom Network, Pakistan People's Party Senator Farhatullah Babar said yesterday that the parliament must legislate for the protection of journalists .
UK Secretary of State James Brokenshire is expected to update MPs today about the ongoing crisis and its increasingly likely he will legislate for a budget at Westminster.
Mr Murphy also said if Mr Brokenshire decides to legislate for a budget at Westminster, "this FIRM Conor Murphy MLA phase of the talks process is over".