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He said the present democratic government was pursuing labour friendly policies and have legislated for ensuring welfare of the labour class in the country.
Now, we remember that the same parliament had earlier on legislated to reinstate Nawaz Sharif as party head, even after his disqualification by the Supreme Court.
A legislated wage increase will gloss over the delicate regional variances in the cost of living.
The labour class plays a vital role in the development and progress of a country therefore, it is essential to ensure welfare and payment of proper and timely remuneration for their services.The speaker stated that Islam has also laid a great emphasis on the welfare and respectable treatment of labour and civilised societies in the world have legislated to ensure the rights of their labour force.
Here's why ANA and CNA do not support legislated nurse-to-patient ratios:
Nevertheless, legislated disclosure requirements prima facie run contrary to the central principle that traditionally governs pre-trial disclosure requirements in tort litigation: namely, that only documents that are relevant to the issues of liability and quantum in the tort action must be disclosed.
He said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "the unfair laws that legislated and implemented on sectarian basis should be reviewed and amended or abolished, such as anti-terrorism law and the law of the confidential informant that oppressed thousands of citizens."
Again, these cases are not covered under the X Case judgement and will not be legislated for by the Government.
"This act, 'legislated' in haste is in contravention of Islamic laws and spirit, and without any consensus or debates, while even opposition boycotted the meetings pertaining to the bill.
I've long advocated using "real" terminology instead of legislated definitions that are designed to imply evil or induce fear in the unenlightened.
Kevin Costner testified before the House of Representatives Science and Technology Committee asking the members to legislate centrifugal-devices stating "We've legislated life preservers.
Wales in the last 10 years has already worked with two successive constitutions and the third is already legislated for, subject to a joyful referendum outcome.