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Beresford asked the attendees to consider how important private-sector standard setting is to the accounting profession and the ramifications of explicit SEC approval of accounting answers or some other form of legislated accounting.
Sayhoud wondered how the Parliament Speaker could not notice this case which hurts the parliament's work because it needs this time to legislate laws, pointing out that the parliament legislated only one law so far, the Vice Presidents Law, and endorsed the Budget, a matter that indicates major disruption in its work.
The new company will process highly mixed plastics resulting from the legislated take-back and recycling of durable goods, such as appliances and electrical equipment.
These indicators were the legislated mandate of the office, staffing levels, public information and communications functions, power to act and the ability of the office to monitor child deaths.
Congress clearly legislated against the backdrop of the SEC's current rule, and closely followed the SEC's list of prohibited non-audit services--even keeping the services in the same order as they appear in that rule.
Reforms that were legislated just before the crash have only become effective in its aftermath.
based John Templeton Foundation, described the wave of volunteerism sweeping college campuses as a trend maturing over the past five years in which the next step sees it become legislated by states.
Attorneys have circumvented the legislated prohibitions by carefully calculating their clients' assets and timing the period of ineligibility caused by transfers before they allow clients to file Medicaid applications.
That's when the New York State Legislature enacted and Governor Pataki signed into law (Chapter 312 of the Laws of 1995) a bill that legislated the cancellation of a State agency's real estate lease with TM Park Avenue Associates, the landlord for 315 Park Avenue South.
This recommendation has been strongly criticized by some individuals who seem to believe that honesty can be legislated.
This decision was made after having carefully weighed the costs and benefits of further change, as we see them at this time, in accordance with our legislated role in the oversight of financial markets.
While five states have changed their rules to permit the acceptance of commissions, five other states have legislated a ban on the acceptance of commissions and nine are considering a ban, said Noel P.