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Once legislated, there would no longer be any tax amnesty for the next 25 years, according to Chua.
This advice exposes the minimum production level legislated by Labor and the Greens as expensive greenwash.
Surprisingly, legislated disclosure requirements appear to have been implemented in Canadian jurisdictions with little publicized discussion or analysis of the intent or impact of these measures.
He said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "the unfair laws that legislated and implemented on sectarian basis should be reviewed and amended or abolished, such as anti-terrorism law and the law of the confidential informant that oppressed thousands of citizens.
Again, these cases are not covered under the X Case judgement and will not be legislated for by the Government.
Different states have different legislated definitions for high-capacity magazines.
But although legislated demand provides--in today's highly competitive business environment--a guaranteed and secure market, this is by no means a passive or one-way process.
In one case, the Court clearly legislated from the bench in order to determine the standard of proof required under an insurance fraud related statute.
Our new legislated water treatment plant and extension will cost $11 million.
True morality, Kant argued, was necessarily autonomous, while morality legislated from "outside" one's own judgment contradicts man's freedom.
The new company MBA Polymers Austria--Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH will process highly mixed plastics resulting from the legislated take-back and recycling of durable goods, such as appliances and electrical equipment, which takes place on a large scale in Europe.
The government legislated the last doctor contract two years ago after it rejected an arbitrator's ruling.