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To enact laws or pass resolutions by the lawmaking process, in contrast to law that is derived from principles espoused by courts in decisions.

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It is an issue that will never go away and is a practice that simply can't be ended by legislating against it.
The OECD deputy secretary-general, Herwig Schlogl, told attendees that greater co-operation is needed between the OECD's 30 member nations when it comes to legislating against spam and enforcing that legislation.
We know that they arrived in these northern locations only because New England and middle Atlantic colonies began legislating against the importation of Indian slaves after the Tuscarora War of 1711 and because enslaved Indians end up in the wills and inventories of estate of deceased northern colonists.
However, pro-democracy lawmakers and activists voiced their concern over the government's rush for legislating against subversive activities.
The consequences of threatening pupils and staff are just as real for the stress and health and safety of the people in the school.'' He added that it was an issue the Government needed to take seriously in terms of legislating against the possession of replica guns.
But the AA's head of road safety Andrew Howard said: "Legislating against drunk pedestrians or their access to the roads would be extremely hard."
In fact, the same reasoning and legal authority demonstrating that Congress should be deemed to have adopted the SEC's definitional guidance on appraisal, valuation, and actuarial services also confirm that Congress adopted the SEC's definition of "legal services." As previously discussed, Congress was legislating against the backdrop of hotly-debated and well-publicized rules.
Lokubandara said that while he agreed with the high priests that businessmen and the media profited at the cost of harming youth, legislating against such activities was outside his purview.