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Pertaining to the governmental function of lawmaking or to the process of enacting laws.


adjective congressional, decreeing, lawgiving, lawmaking, legislating, ordained by legislaaion, ordaining, prescriptive, statutory
Associated concepts: legislative enactment
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In his inaugural address to the newly-elected AJK Legislative Assembly on this occasion, the newly elected Speaker of AJK Legislative Assembly Shah
This Article seeks to demystify important elements of the legislative drafting process in the United States Congress.
Danilo Ramon Fernandez, the incumbent representative of the first legislative district of Laguna, will continue to represent the said district until the first representative for Santa Rosa is elected.
11198 reapportioning Southern Leyte into two legislative districts became effective on February 19, 2019, while R.A.
"It also includes the basics and pillars of legislative work - between the needs and the ability to implement in terms of demands and challenges.
Meanwhile, the report of the joint ad-hoc committee on the Establishment of legislative Museum and Archives was adopted in the green chamber on May 2, 2019,
Ducey first called for a repeal of legislative immunity after former GOP Rep.
The SC said that the Senate could exercise its power of contempt while there is a legitimate legislative inquiry.
Rashid, for her part, expressed pleasure over improvement of relations between the two legislative councils and lauded Khartoum Council's legislative experiment , specially in representation of women in legsialtive and executive bodies.
Al Suwaidi underscored the importance of building fruitful relationships with legislative and legal entities in Ethiopia, demonstrating the SLC's commitment to strengthening international cooperation as key to opening new vistas for the development of the Dubai legislative system.

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