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Pertaining to the governmental function of lawmaking or to the process of enacting laws.


adjective congressional, decreeing, lawgiving, lawmaking, legislating, ordained by legislaaion, ordaining, prescriptive, statutory
Associated concepts: legislative enactment
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State Legislatures magazine which showcases legislative staff to a national audience.
The Departments current Deputy Legislative Affairs Director, BG
Ghulam Qadir expressed his profound gratitude to the members of AJK Legislative Assembly for electing him as Speaker of the newly-elected Azad Jammu Kashmir Legislative Assembly.
21, the Executive Committee of the Board of Governors of The Florida Bar approved the following new legislative position of The Florida Bar on March 6, 2014:
IREM has not always has one committee that addresses all legislative and regulatory issues.
Very similar legislative issues can have very different or even conflicting outcomes among the sovereign states.
So, it is absolutely vital that DAV members and their families continue urging their elected representatives--Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike--to support mandatory funding for veterans health care and our other legislative priorities.
Four years ago we began an aggressive legislative program to bolster our efforts to modernize and transform the way we operate.
The same pattern is evident in state legislative races.
Communication from the states is equally important in assisting in the evaluation of requests for legislative assistance funding (LAP Funds).
The group, which is constantly monitoring legislative activity in the state capital of Trenton, has concerns about some pending efforts, Heisler said.

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