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This principle would surface in the Supreme Court's later jurisprudence as the requirement that privileged material be created in the course of a legislative act.
Reasonableness" means that a challenged legislative act is presumed to be constitutional, that a challenger has the burden of proof to demonstrate that it is unconstitutional and that the challenger can only succeed if he or she can establish that the act has no rational basis.
Given the time constrains, the establishment of a Council position on this legislative act will give a clear indication to the incoming Greek Presidency as to the next steps.
Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council amending certain legislative acts in the domain of agricultural and fishery statistics has been passed today in the Committee of Permanent Representatives (COREPER I).
By changes to the second mentioned Legislative Act it is provided a ban on entry to the Russian Federation in the event that a foreign citizen or stateless person declined to pay tax or administrative penalty or didn t recompense for the costs associated with administrative expulsion from the Russian Federation or deportation till the relevant payment will be made in full.
In particular, for the purposes of organizing comprehensive developmental work of the legislative acts and holding discussions of other issues within the competence of Oliy Majlis, a well-defined manner of the creation of expert groups under the committees of the Houses of the parliament has been established.
Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev signed the law on amendments and additions to some legislative acts of Kyrgyzstan, specifically, facilitation of registration and liquidation of business entities.
In one of its first legislative acts, Bulgaria's 42nd Parliament had transfered the police unit for fight against organized crime (GDBOP) from under the Ministry of Interior to DANS.
The federal law On Changes to Specific Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation on Issues Relating to the Prevention of Illegal (Non-Medical) Consumption of Drugs and Psychotropic Substances was passed by the State Duma on May 15 and approved by the Federation Council on May 29, the Kremlin reported on its website, Voice of Russia reported.
The author argues that in the late 18th century the Company began using Muslim criminal law in order to introduce rights for women, slaves, bonded laborers, and victims of crime in order to avoid conflicts over civil law, and that by the 1850s, the Company was confident enough to enter into the realm of Hindu civil law with the Caste Disabilities Removal Act of 1850 and other legislative acts.
Each issue of the title, and its predecessors, "Land Use Law & Zoning Digest" and "Zoning Digest," summarizes 40 to 50 federal and state judicial decisions and legislative acts that pertain to planning and environmental management.
Worse still, many of the actions, policies and legislative acts of his regime have worsened what was already a bad situation under Jean Chretien, particularly with respect to what has been commonly called "the democratic deficit.

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