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"Reasonableness" means that a challenged legislative act is presumed to be constitutional, that a challenger has the burden of proof to demonstrate that it is unconstitutional and that the challenger can only succeed if he or she can establish that the act has no rational basis.
What is a legislative act? Differences between firing and terminating an employee.
The ECJ found that, as the General Court "correctly stated," legislative acts, which, although they may also be of general application, are not covered by the concept of regulatory acts continue to be subject to more stringent admissibility rules.
These should be specified in the basic legislative act. When the Commission considers using this procedure, it must immediately alert the Council and Parliament secretariats, explaining why it intends to do so.
MEPs also adopted a regulation amending financial measures relating to CFP implementation(2) so as to ensure consistency with other relevant legislative acts, to address needs better and to clarify the scope of the measures financed.
At the next stage, the legislative act will be discussed at the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives.
Draft legislative acts should contain a detailed statement making it possible to assess the proposal's financial impact and the implications for the rules to be put in place by member states, "including, where necessary, the regional legislation".
- legislative acts are regulations, directives or decisions, adopted by a legislative procedure.
According to the document, the purpose of the bill is to introduce amendments to some legislative acts, which are aimed at eliminating existing barriers to investment activity and continuing to stimulate it.
BRUSSELS, March 19 (KUNA) -- The European Union's General Affairs Council Tuesday adopted a series of legislative acts as part of its contingency preparations for a "no-deal" Brexit scenario.
The group will also work with experts to develop a package of respective legislative acts and submit them to the Parliament for consideration.
He noted that the agency's tasks include ensuring close participation of entrepreneurs in the discussions on legislative acts, taking measures to strengthen mutual trust between business circles and government bodies in the economic reforms being carried out in Azerbaijan, as well as examining the economic and other aspects of legislative acts affecting the activities of entrepreneurs.

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