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Reasonableness" means that a challenged legislative act is presumed to be constitutional, that a challenger has the burden of proof to demonstrate that it is unconstitutional and that the challenger can only succeed if he or she can establish that the act has no rational basis.
The ECJ found that, as the General Court "correctly stated," legislative acts, which, although they may also be of general application, are not covered by the concept of regulatory acts continue to be subject to more stringent admissibility rules.
A legislative act may delegate to the Commission the power to adopt non-legislative acts of general application to supplement or amend certain non-essential elements of the legislative act.
MEPs also adopted a regulation amending financial measures relating to CFP implementation(2) so as to ensure consistency with other relevant legislative acts, to address needs better and to clarify the scope of the measures financed.
Draft legislative acts should contain a detailed statement making it possible to assess the proposal's financial impact and the implications for the rules to be put in place by member states, "including, where necessary, the regional legislation".
The basic legislative act will, where appropriate and in each individual case, define the parties affected by the act which may conclude voluntary agreements for the purpose of determining practical arrangements.
The document is based on the legislative acts, the norms of international law and includes the national interests of the country.
Legislative immunity "confers a privilege on legislators from inquiry into their legislative acts or into the motivation for actual performance of legislative acts that are clearly part of the legislative process," as the Rhode Island Supreme Court put it in Irons v.
In particular, for the purposes of organizing comprehensive developmental work of the legislative acts and holding discussions of other issues within the competence of Oliy Majlis, a well-defined manner of the creation of expert groups under the committees of the Houses of the parliament has been established.
Kazakhstan intends to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan Vladimir Shkolnik said at a government meeting on April 30 dedicated to questions of improving legislative acts in the sphere of green economy.
The European Commission promised to evaluate, by the end of 2012, the legislative acts that still refer to the RPS.
Each issue of the title, and its predecessors, "Land Use Law & Zoning Digest" and "Zoning Digest," summarizes 40 to 50 federal and state judicial decisions and legislative acts that pertain to planning and environmental management.

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