legislative bill

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The legislative bill, which was supposed to be introduced on Monday, was held back for unexplained reasons leading to vociferous protest by opposition parties that have been pressing the government to move ahead with the reforms.
He said during the course of proceedings of the parliamentary committee the government had assured that there would be no amendments to the attached forms and if any issue surfaced it would be discussed upon finalisation of the main legislative bill.
This is mainly due to environment and concern surrounding increased threats to the business community "Hack-Back" - a legislative Bill which calls for a discussion on situations allowing American businesses to legally respond to cyber-attacks, has been proposed.
But under a "perfecting amendment" suggested by legislative bill drafters, and tacked onto the bill during floor proceedings, Turner potentially extended that exemption to every politician currently serving in office - from the governor on down.
Jarrett described the legislative bill making process with specific reference to HB15-1182.
According to the Verkhovna Rada's site, the legislative bill was introduced by Poroshenko on March 6 for the parliament's consideration and approval.
The option of a legislative bill seemed non feasible as the state is due for assembly elections soon.
Following that, independent consultants will be hired to advise the government, while a comprehensive legislative bill should be submitted for approval to parliament by December this year.
In a new setback, the Constitutional Court ruled Wednesday that a legislative bill to enable the government to borrow two trillion baht ($62 billion) for infrastructure projects was unconstitutional.
Restoring American military aid to Egypt is now pending the election of a civilian government, according to a recent legislative bill that was approved by both the Senate and House of Representatives in January.
A legislative Bill, which sparked two days of heated debate in the Assembly, will allow the Office of the First and Deputy First Minister to by-pass Alex Attwood's Department of the Environment when granting planning permission in specially-designated areas.

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