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MIRPUR (AJK) -- Reports on several legislative bills presented in AJK legislative assembly which met on Thursday with Speaker Shah Ghulam Qadir in the chair.
He said during the course of proceedings of the parliamentary committee the government had assured that there would be no amendments to the attached forms and if any issue surfaced it would be discussed upon finalisation of the main legislative bill.
The legislative bill, which was supposed to be introduced on Monday, was held back for unexplained reasons leading to vociferous protest by opposition parties that have been pressing the government to move ahead with the reforms.
Tenders are invited for legislative bill drafting and automated chamber system software.
He said that KPK government was also working on these issues and it was expected that a legislative bill will also be passed on the floor of provincial assembly to legalize and support these councils.
The evening reception was an informative and fun event with a legislative quiz, interactive stations designed to inform i.e.-how to find a legislative bill on the Colorado State website, and capped off with a fun ring toss for beverages to support the CNA's Legal Defense Fund.
At their regular commission meeting, commissioners unanimously passed a resolution to support a legislative bill that would provide funding for the planned lab.
Cuomo, and two legislative bill sponsors, Senator William Larkin and Assemblymember Amy Paulin, today agreed to advance legislation during the next State budget to provide up to three years of additional public pension credit for an expanded pool of eligible state and local employees who served in the military.
Lam said she has responded to demonstrators' main demand by killing a controversial legislative bill that would have allowed for extraditions to mainland China.
In his column, "Dissenting Opinions" (July 2019), Keith Wood desired a "magic" legislative bill to prevent mass shootings.
The purpose of the meeting was to solicit feedback from multiple stakeholders on preparing a draft legislative bill for their rights.
Through a legislative bill, Mr Umar during his previous tenure had called for devolution of several of the MCI functions to union councils, including the removal of encroachments, signboards, water supply, solid waste collection, ground maintenance, open spaces and streetlights.

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