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Meanwhile, the national legislative body has begun deliberations on the speech delivered before it by Bashir in the beginning of its tenth and final session on the public policies of the state.
During the meeting, legislative body resented the absence of CEO of Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO) and directed him to appear in the next meeting and give details of recoveries of HESCO and SESCO during last one year.
Tribunal" denotes a court, an arbitrator in a binding arbitration proceeding or a legislative body, administrative agency or other body acting in an adjudicative capacity.
In a statement on his website, Mr Mousavi said he had formally asked the Guardian Council, a legislative body, to cancel the election result.
Christine Kudija, attorney for the Agua Dulce Town Council, has filed her response to the suit, contending that the council still does not qualify as a legislative body.
The Electoral College is essentially a limited-term legislative body created by the states with the sole purpose of choosing a chief executive for the federal government.
This opportunity does not, however, provide the Town Council, or any other legislative body, license to advance its own religious views in preference to all others, as the Town Council did here.
It occurs to me that this may be like dosing military bases, something that a legislative body can't do right and that is better left to an independent commission.
This legislative body will be responsible for creating a permanent constitution.
Using fees from regulated institutions, rather than taxpayer funds, can protect the supervisory agency from being crippled in the appropriations process without jeopardizing the ultimate accountability of the supervisor to the legislative body.
The election means that the Council of General Synod (CoGS), the legislative body of the Anglican Church of Canada, must elect a new deputy prolocutor--an officer of General Synod--when Mr.
However, each state or jurisdiction's legislative body created individual legislation that ultimately slowed down the process for administrators to move from one jurisdiction to another.

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