legislative body

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The transformation of Pan-African Parliament into a legislative body will empower African countries to draft new bills to counter regional challenges--chiefly terrorism," he said.
Meanwhile, the national legislative body has begun deliberations on the speech delivered before it by Bashir in the beginning of its tenth and final session on the public policies of the state.
The legislative body directed the ministry of water and power to give details of agreements with twenty eight IPPs operating in the country.
The 2012 legislative body was dominated by lawmakers affiliated with influential tribes and religious groups.
During his tenure, Beijing's legislative body has in three occasions interpreted Hong Kong's Basic Law and overruled local court's decisions.
John Lynch and the state legislative body by the end of November.
An organization attempts to influence legislation by contacting, or urging the public to contact, members or employees of a legislative body for the purposes of proposing, supporting or opposing legislation, or by advocating the adoption or rejection of legislation.
The Electoral College is essentially a limited-term legislative body created by the states with the sole purpose of choosing a chief executive for the federal government.
This opportunity does not, however, provide the Town Council, or any other legislative body, license to advance its own religious views in preference to all others, as the Town Council did here.
It occurs to me that this may be like dosing military bases, something that a legislative body can't do right and that is better left to an independent commission.
This legislative body will be responsible for creating a permanent constitution.

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