legislative enactment

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Perhaps the only formal whaling code authorized by legislative enactment, was that of Holland.
In Illinois, where specialty plates require a specific legislative enactment, when a pro-life group sought a "Choose Life'' plate, the state decided to exclude the subject of abortion, pro and con, so the denial was viewpoint neutral.
The private schools have further contended that any change in the admission criteria can be brought about only through a " legislative enactment and not merely through an executive notification".
From the determined Rivers Campaign volunteers who called for the legislative enactment of the program to the hundreds of Granite Staters who have contributed their time and talents since its inception, the Rivers Program has provided the framework for cooperative state and local partnerships.
According to the District Court of Appeal of Florida, the retroactive revocation of the homestead property tax exemption is the subject of an express legislative enactment and not subject to the change in judgment rule.
stopped from targeting Loyalists by legislative enactment.
Idaho is considered by many political observers to be the state with the most favorable conditions for legislative enactment and signing by a Governor.
The more than 1,000 responses AMHCA received from its 2010 Membership Survey reveal AMHCA members' continued desire to have AMHCA pursue legislative enactment of LMHC Medicare eligibility and TRICARE independent practice, as well as implementation of the Veterans Affairs practice law and the Mental Health Parity and Equity Addictions Act of 2008.
Thus, a legislative enactment violates the Arizona constitution only when it "unreasonably limits or hampers the judicial system in performing its function" The Arizona constitution confers on the Arizona Supreme court the power to make rules relative to all procedural matters in any court.
Lobbying requires the investments of time, money, and other resources sufficient to overcome the obstacles that normally exist to legislative enactment.
It is no surprise that the legislative enactment did not survive.

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